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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Cooking the Books and Suppressing Dissent with Coronavirus: FIRE FAUCI, DEFUND WHO

"It's not Fauci's first rodeo."

What's going on? A few takeouts from the video below:
  • Fauci has a checkered history of false causality about AIDS, connections to big pharma, Hollywood, Bill Gates, and the Chinese 
  • Diagnosing most deaths as coronavirus as all other death statistics (pneumonia, heart disease, etc.) go down is a big red flag. How many are really dying from the virus?
  •  Hospitals get money for diagnosing coronavirus.
  • Is closing the country the new status quo? 
  • The approach we should take is to isolate only those most vulnerable. Those who are well should be back to work. Social distancing and isolation cause more damage because of suppression of the immune system by stress and avoiding outdoor activities. (The sun provides immune boosting Vitamin D.)
  •  Danger of a police state! 
  • Fauci should be indicted. 
Sign the FIRE FAUCI petition.

But there's more! See this article from the Epoch Times about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their subversion of WHO (World Health Organization). Fauci and WHO are major players in the mishandling of the coronavirus crisis because of their deep involvement with the CCP. It's time to fire Fauci and defund WHO. The welfare of America is NOT their primary goal.

And note this from the Epoch Times article:
On Jan. 17, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sent personnel to screen travelers coming from Wuhan to three major U.S. airports—JFK, Los Angeles International, and San Francisco International, which were getting the highest traffic from the outbreak’s epicenter. More airports were added to the list in subsequent weeks.
These were the hardest hit areas at the beginning of the crisis. Thank God President Trump shut down air traffic from China on February 2nd. Had the CCP been transparent and WHO refused to carry water for Beijing, it could have been much earlier.  Oh and while we're talking about Fauci, he has lied all through this about his own role in all this.

BETRAYED: The Rise and Fall of Dr. Fauci


  1. When the MSM started grilling President Trump about his financial interest in Hydroxychloroquine. I shouted at the tee tee to ask Fausi and Bir about their financial interests in big pharma. Fauci's worth $11,000,000. How does a public servant get that wealthy? He mentioned going for walk in his neighborhood off Mass Ave... that is a very swanky area where the very elite live. He's been with NIH since 1984 and his current salary level is in the mid $300,000's. If they do not have interests in big pharma themselves, I would guess that members of their family do.

  2. Related information: Here is a good website by a Patholigist, M.D. for keeping up on the medical knowledge about COVID-19 that is being accumulated, studied and shared:

  3. Thanks for the link, JMJT. One correction. Chris Martenson is NOT an M.D. Here's a clip from his professional bio:

    Chris Martenson, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of (along with Adam Taggart).

    I will watch the video, but his statements on the medical aspects I will take with a grain of salt. He is depending on the statistics provided by government which we already know are not particularly reliable. They're "cooking the books" so it's hard to trust what's being presented in all the graphs and government reports. It's definitely a sad thing when you are so overloaded with propaganda that you can't trust any of this. But as my mom used to say, "Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe."

  4. Thank you, Mary Ann, but I thought he once said he was a pathologist .In any case, here is a very good medical website by a physician who recently spent a week working in the critical care area of a New York City hospital treating COVID-19 patients. There are near daily updates explaining new findings that physicians are encountering.