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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Doctors are Seeing Success with Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and other Combination Regimens

Marseille study shows promising results:

It's a "Game-Changer" for the seriously ill!

Michigan doctors seeing success 

Long Island Doctor Helps Patients Using Hydroxychloroquine 

Mississippi Coast Doctors See Improvement with Hydroxychloroquine

Texas Doctor Helps Nursing Home Patients using Hydroxychloroquine

About the Rutgers Clinical Trial

World-first trial to test benefit of intravenous zinc in COVID-19 fight


  1. This post is fankly slanted and untrue. Results from France are not indicative of success in the USA. This post is a clear example of people operating in an alternate reality. Hydrox.. is creating heart issues in the USA. This virus is only 8 -12 weeks within the U.S. and hardly the proper amount of time to promote a cure. U.S.Veterans have encountered fatal responses when utilizing this drug in combination with other regimes. South America recently halted their study in the use of this drug. The way your post is presented - suggests this great news should be the number one news story. Even Fox news is no longer covering this drug in their daily reporting.

    Now we have this week the removal of the head of vaccines for the CDC in the TRUMP administration because he would not promote hydrox.. without standard testing protocols. Trump demands loyality at all costs. That works in business but not in a pandemic. People are dying Mr.President because of your hunches.

    This is an act of removal of a critical pandemic executive is pure retailiation by the Trump administration, and a vindictive action by our President. Politics and Science do not make good partners. Republicans are the pro - life party PRAISE GOD. However under a pandemic with 45,000 dead and counting - pro life? - NOT SO MUCH!

    And two Republican Governors (Fla. Ga)
    supported by Trump and elected in November wanting to prove their loyalty are opening their states way too early! Bowling alleys this Friday. Hair salons and nail salons also. Really! Theaters and restaurants next WOW!
    Where is the outrage! No Churches in Fla. or Georgia yet!

    Come Lord Jesus!!

  2. I had to shake my head when I read your comment. Are you saying all the doctors who testify to their successes in their particular situations with treating patients are lying? What is "slanted" about giving these doctors a voice?

    I was particularly impressed with the doctors in nursing homes. No one can deny that large numbers of vulnerable elderly are dying. So the doctor who had not a single death among patients who agreed to try it, is what?....a shill for Trump. He was lying when he said he wasn't willing to have a large number of his patients die from COVID 19?

    And how can you possibly say that results in France are not indicative of success in the USA? Is there a particular French strain of the virus?

    I think your anti-Trump bias is showing.

  3. WRONG Acolyte!

    As an RN I can assure you I have dispensed Plaquenil to Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritics who were on the drug for decades.
    ALL medications have side effects and the Z Pac itself can have untoward effects on persons with underlying cardiac problems.
    You are merely repeating the anti Trump bias from a non medical youthful reporter much like the simpletons who sit in covering the WH briefings bending over backwards trying to "catch" the President in a mistake.
    Respect for the Office is a thing of the past and while these twits sit on their rears rather than standing to address the President while asking stupid questions their handlers back at the office told them to ask , the President was MOST accurate when he told one (applies to most) he did not have the brains he was born with.


  4. Still got it wrong Acolyte: Just a quick search on the internet to cross check some of the inflammatory headlines reveals this:

    Regarding the "abrupt" dismissal of Dr Rick Bright here's what's out there from real journalist... and even Politico (not necessarily friendly to Trump) is reporting that retaliation over Hydroxychloroquine is rather a flimsy case.

    "However, Politico reported that Dr. Bright’s reassignment had been “more than a year in the making,” though it added that the actual transition itself had been “abrupt.”"

    "Politico also cited sources that said Dr. Bright had actually supported the acquisition of hydroxychloroquine treatments, and that BARDA had been too slow to respond to the coronavirus crisis."

    You can read the whole article for yourself: