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Friday, April 10, 2020

"More Freedom, Not More Thugs Running Our Lives"

When I watched this video I thought of all the thugs of the Passion: the Pharisees plotting and clamoring for crucifixion, the false witnesses lying about Jesus, the name callers screaming "Blasphemer! Son of Beelzebub!," the temple guards with their clubs and torches, the betrayer with his poisonous kiss, the cowardly authority too afraid of the mob to defend the Truth. They were all there and they are with us today on this Good Friday. 

Take aways from the video:

Fear mongering destroys. "Fear overrides a lot of reason."  
How much is our liberty worth? 
There's a "monopoly on medicine." 
"This lockdown is a mistake, it's dangerous, it's harmful, but the biggest mistake is intrusion, our individual personal rights and our Constitution. That is hard to reverse....The last hundred years there's been a steady erosion of assuming responsibility for ourselves." 
"The cure is the real problem right now. We have way too much cure that doesn't work. It's based on authoritarianism. Government knows what's best. Individuals are incapable of taking care of [themselves]. It all boils down to who's responsible for protecting against risk." 
Note the discussion of Dr. Fauci's connections to Bill Gates, "no friend of liberty."
"They're cooking the books." 
Tucker Carlson pointed out the other night that the statistics on pneumonia deaths are waaaaay down this year. Why? Because MANY DEATHs are being attributed to the coronavirus. If a person dies of a heart attack or stroke but tests positive for coronavirus, it's reported as a COVID19 death. As Dr. Birx said during the press conference on April 7th “The intent is if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death." That means the death statistics from the virus are inflated. All those people who died from other causes are being lumped into the fear-mongering death statistic.

Realize that you can't trust anything you are hearing from the media, especially Bill Gates' buddy, Dr. Anthony Fauci who is now discussing issuing "immunity cards" to Americans. When the cops are instructed to demand that you, "Show me your papers", to prove you have immunity to the virus, you'll know we truly have lost our freedom!

"They are building the fear!" Ron Paul says and he is exactly right. But he ends the video on a note of encouragement, "Truth wins out in the end."

And that is the message of Good Friday. No matter how bad things appear, Jesus Christ, the Truth, wins! The cross was not a defeat, but the ultimate victory!

The Crucifixion by Murillo

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