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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Archbishop Vigano Sums up Francis' Pontificate of Disunity, Division, and Scandal in One Paragraph

From the Remnant article:

THE STONES CRY OUT: Archbishop Viganò on Traditionis Custodes

After years of this pontificate, we have all understood that the reasons given by Bergoglio for declining a meeting with a Prelate, a politician or a conservative intellectual do not apply to the molester Cardinal, the heretic Bishop, the abortionist politician, or the globalist intellectual. In short, there is a blatant difference in behavior, from which one can grasp the partiality and partisanship of Francis in favor of any ideology, thought, project, scientific, artistic or literary expression that is not Catholic. Anything that even only vaguely evokes anything Catholic seems to arouse in the tenant of Santa Marta an aversion that is disconcerting to say the least, if only in virtue of the Throne on which he is seated. Many have noted this dissociation, this sort of bipolarity of a pope who does not behave like a Pope and does not speak like a Pope. The problem is that we are not faced with a sort of inaction from the Papacy, as could happen with a sick or very old Pontiff; but rather with a constant action that is organized and planned in a sense diametrically opposed to the very essence of the Papacy. Not only does Bergoglio not condemn the errors of the present time by strongly reaffirming the Truth of the Catholic Faith – he has never done this! – but he actively seeks to disseminate these errors, to promote them, to encourage their supporters, to spread them to the greatest possible extent and to host events promoting them in the Vatican, simultaneously silencing those who denounce these same errors. Not only does he not punish fornicating Prelates, but he even promotes and defends them by lying, while he removes conservative Bishops and does not hide his annoyance with the heartfelt appeals of Cardinals not aligned with the new course. Not only does he not condemn abortionist politicians who proclaim themselves Catholics, but he intervenes to prevent the Episcopal Conference from pronouncing on this matter, contradicting that synodal path which conversely allows him to use a minority of ultra-progressives to impose his will on the majority of the Synod Fathers.

When will the true shepherds resist this man to his face? The sins of St. Peter, publicly condemned by St. Paul, are nothing compared to what Francis has done to the Bride of Christ and to her spiritual sons. It his high time for faithful shepherds who love the Church to join together to publicly condemn his demolition of the Church. Abandoning the USCCB would be a good start. Imitate the women religious who left the LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) in 1992 to form the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious. Unlike their aging sisters of the LCWR whose ideology is anything but Catholic, who abandoned their habits and their integrity years ago (If they had any integrity they would have left to join the various Protestant sects that ordain women and promote abortion.), the sisters of the the CMSWR joyfully embrace both their habits and their rules. Almost 40% of their sisters are under 50. Want a laugh? Compare the photos below, then ask yourself where the future of women religious lies. The orders in LCWR continue their steep decline. The orders in CMSWR are expanding their facilities. 

The faces of the LCWR 

The faces of the CMSWR 

The Nuns on the Bus who shill for progressive politics including abortion!

School Sisters of Christ the King who teach the faith to our children.

To see all the member communities affiliated with CMSWR go here. Let this be a reminder that God is faithful to his faithful people. The Nuns on the Bus are a metaphor. They are on the bus C.S. Lewis describes in The Great Divorce. Pray for their conversion. But take heart in seeing more and more nuns back in the classroom with our children. The future belongs to those who love God and refuse to trade their vocation for a bowl of rotting soup passed out by the "progressives."

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