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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Pope Francis and His Fruits: Described by an 18th Century Jesuit Confrere!

As my mom used to say: "You can know a person by his friends and the company he keeps."

As I've written in the past, I read excerpts every day from the Imitation of Christ and the Imitation of Mary. Today, as I read from Book 1, Chapter 15 in Im. of Mary, I recognized Pope Francis in Fr. Alexander de Rouville's description. but first I noted my own obligation as a follower of Christ:

God has given us the means of knowing what He has revealed; once revelation is certain, then accursed be even an angel (Gal1,8) if he suggests to me the contrary of what revelation teaches me.

I believe what my religion teaches me, for it teaches me nothing that God has not revealed. And what can be more certain than what I am told by Him Who is Truth itself?

It is not possible for God to deceive me or to be deceived.

It would be madness for me to accept something as God's word without sufficient reason for doing so; that has been the follyu of the pagans and of many Christians too.

Let's sum up here. Each of us, as Catholics, bears a grave responsibility to know the faith. That glorious burden was levied on us at Baptism and affirmed at Confirmation. As St. Jerome says, "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." Scripture is one of the pillars supporting the Church and we need to study it. BUT...and that's a big is NOT the only one. Holy Tradition fills in Scripture. St. John tells us that all the books in the world wouldn't be enough to relate all that Jesus did and taught. And so we need to understand what Holy Tradition teaches. 

Nancy Pelosi, champion of child murder gets the red carpet treatment; Trump, 
defender of the unborn, gets the glare!

The third pillar which forms the tripod upholding the faith is the Magisterium. In a time like the present we have a problem, since so many among the Magisterium are heretics and unbelievers. They create confusion and chaos by their public repudiation of truths of the faith. The men wearing miters and pectoral crosses can be evil as history illustrates. How do you know, then, what is true? 

When the magisterium unites in professing what the Church has taught over the millennia, trust. When members of the magisterium create a new gospel, a novelty that deviates from the faith passed on by the apostles follow the warnings of St. Paul and DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. The devil can appear as an angel of light, or, for that matter, he can use men in red hats and miters or even  a man in  white robes who sits on the chair of Peter.

There is ample evidence that the pope is an unbeliever and, perhaps, even a heretic. I haven't updated my timeline on his papacy recently, but a cursory look at him demonstrates how decidedly unCatholic he is. His recent appointment of Jeffrey Sachs, a proponent of abortion, contraception, and population control to the Pontifical Academy of Social Scientists says it all. He invites demons into the Vatican as personal friends and advisors. His example to the flock is shocking and evil!

Here's what the pope's Jesuit confrere wrote that made me immediately think of Pope Francis:

[T]here are some who examine their religion with the purpose of gaining support for the errors they love and not of learning what they ought to believe and love.

Their purpose is not to discover and embrace the truth but to find, if possible, reasons for doubting truths they cannot bring themselves to admit.

The pope of sodomy and transexual affirmation! Actions speak louder than words!

Such people are not seeking sure norms for recognizing what they ought to believe and how they ought to live; their purpose is rather to continue in their guilty state without suffering remorse for it.

Many find faith too troublesome and gladly look for a system to justify their lack of religious spirit.

Faith becomes subject to doubt only when it becomes troublesome. (author's emphasis)

Unbelievers rebel at the holiness of its principles no less than at the incomprehensibility of its mysteries.

We must either mortify our own passions or suffer constant remorse and fear. In the second case, we will decide either to believe nothing at all or at least to doubt everything except the perverse state in which we will find ourselves.

Any Catholic who seriously loves the faith must pray and fast for Francis. But to believe him or follow his example is the unholy road to hell. It's time to get real about who the man is and whom he loves. It certainly is NOT Jesus on the cross. Francis is willing to crucify Him on a daily basis by endorsing and enabling the murder of the innocent little images of Christ living under their mothers' hearts and promoting evils that destroy the family. 

May God have mercy on him, but I will never follow in his evil footsteps! Ironically, the author of Imitation of Mary was a suppressed Jesuit who originally wrote under a pseudonym. Would that the Jesuits were suppressed today beginning with our evil pope.

Lord God, send your Spirit on the poor, persecuted Bride of Christ. Save the Church! 

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!


philipjohnson said...

Satan is Bergoglios mentor!

John B., retired English teacher said...

Jeffrey Sachs is a typical Christ-hating Jew, longing for 2000 years to destroy the church, and now is his hour!

John S. Belmont

Laramie Hirsch said...

He’s not the pope. He’s an African American baseball player.

Trg said...

No way I am fasting for him. He's probably not the pope anyway.

Trg said...

You really think he's the pope. No way will I fast for him.

Aqua said...

@ John B:

I have had a growing awareness that my understanding of Israel and “God’s Chosen People”, the Jews, has been in error.

Barnhardt recently posted (Oct 22) a guest post from Vanessa, a Jewish convert, on the topic of Jews, Israel, Covenants, compatibility with Western Civilization (I am no longer going to use the term *Judeo*-Christian as I now think our *Christian* civilization has been hijacked by those with malign intent). Here is a link to a length, but worth every minute of your time article by a Jewish convert to Christ and His RCC.

My new and growing understanding of things is that the answer to why the elites hate our wonderful Western civilization is precisely because it is based on our shared Christian heritage. The Jews are now, as they have been for 2,000 years, enemies of Jesus Christ our Lord,their promised Redeemer whom they crucified. St. Paul makes much of this in his Epistles. And if you look at the pinnacles of all the power points in our civilization today, they are largely, if not exclusively, populated by Jews with immense monopolies on power. And so BLM, Antifa, Critical Race Theory, pedophilia, perverted entertainment, pornography, economic collapse caused by currency devaluation and everlasting debt leading to the inevitable great reset … the end of Christian civilization. It is why only the West is now targeted by the Powers That Be.

The author of the linked article talks from this perspective. We are called as Christians, let me emphasize EVER SO STRONGLY AND WITHOUT RESERVATION, not to hate Jews for this - NOT to hate Jews for this - but to recognize that their Covenant with Yahweh was forever and irretrievably broken when the curtain was torn in two in their dead then and dead now forever Temple … and TO CONVERT them to the one true religion, the fulfillment of their ancient Abrahamic Covenant which is Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church.

The author of the linked article was angry at the Church because so many of her years were lost because we never made any attempt to convert her. It is almost anathema by Nu Church to attempt such a thing as Jewish conversion to the one, true Faith.

I see things differently now, along these lines. The article lent a framework to understand a developing awareness. Why do “they” want to kill something so undeniably good, developed over millennia? Because those responsible (Freemasons, not restricted to Jews but inclusive no doubt) hate what we love. And we must rise up to defend it. And by God’s Grace we will emerge a truly God-Fearing and honoring civilization if, when we succeed.