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Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Effectiveness of the Vaccine Ain't All It's Cracked Up to Be! AND IT'S POISON!

Nichole Belland, Safeway Pharmacy Manager, quits over COVID vaccine administration.

In fact, the breakthrough cases are increasing the death rate among the "fully vaccinated" is rising:

As more ‘vaccines’ are injected into Americans’ arms, ‘breakthrough’ COVID cases are increasing

From the article:
A very important finding of the DOD study [Check it out; it's linked in the article.] that in itself deserved attention by mainstream media was that the one variable that explained substantial resistance to serious negative health impacts from breakthrough infections was natural immunity resulting from prior COVID infection. [If you've recovered from COVID, your immunity is gold! But the draconian tyrants will still try to give you the death jab.]
If we want to face reality with honesty, then natural immunity must be viewed as the enemy of mass vaccination. That governments refuse to credential natural immunity as they increasingly mandate vaccination is a disgraceful rebuttal of medical science. Indeed, there is now indisputable medical evidence that natural immunity is more effective, especially against variants, and longer lasting than vaccine immunity. All this makes it a threat to mass vaccination....
Finally, this newly reported research is worth noting: a high viral load has been found in “158 of 232 unvaccinated (68%…) and 156 of 225 fully vaccinated (69%…) symptomatic individuals.” This means there was no difference between the symptomatic vaccinated and unvaccinated in terms of who was carrying, and therefore spreading, the virus. It also found high viral loads in “7 of 24 unvaccinated (29%…) and 9 of 11 fully vaccinated asymptomatic individuals (82%…).”  This means, among asymptomatic individuals, the vaccinated had a higher percentage with a high viral load.

A valid conclusion is that the unvaccinated who catch the virus are more likely to be at home in bed with symptoms, while the vaccinated who catch the virus (breakthrough infection) may often have no symptoms and hence continue their daily routine unknowingly spreading the virus. This is why many medical experts refer to the vaccinated as super spreaders. Indeed, the eminent Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines, has emphasized that vaccinated people in their normal activities are “going to be spreading the virus like crazy.”

Parents, don't let them give your kids the shot! You will undermine their immune system and likely set them up for serious medical issues in the future. The science DOES NOT SUPPORT the vax for kids!

The science behind why kids should not get (and don’t need) the COVID shot

From the article:
The brilliant Alex Berenson sums it up best: “The most dangerous things to do, at this point, would be [to] vaccinate children. The virus is not a threat to them, and if they are infected by the new forms of SARS-2 that are sure to emerge every winter, we will begin to establish — through them and the as yet unvaccinated — the layered immunity that is the only way of coming to terms with SARS-2 in the longer term.”

If you've had COVID you don't need the vax. If you haven't had the vax you should take all the precautions to avoid it, and get immediate treatment as soon as you have symptoms. The Frontline Doctors are saving lives. Don't follow the idiotic medical attitude of "do nothing until you need the ICU." Never has an illness been treated that way before.  Boost your immune system and immediately respond if you develop COVID symptoms. Be your own health advocate. Dr. Fauci is a killer who has financially benefitted from his evil advice. He funded the gain of function research that made COVID so dangerous. He suppressed the effective protocols. He ranks with Dr. Mengele as a medical monster willing to use humans in a mass experimental program. 

Let's thank God for all the medical people willing to suffer for telling the truth about COVID including the pharmacist, Nichole Belland, who recently quit her job on the store intercom warning people that the vaccine is "poison."


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