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Saturday, October 16, 2021


Since Conservative Catholic British MP Sir David Amess, age 69, was murdered yesterday (10/15/2021) - stabbed to death in a church while speaking to his constituents - by a 25 year old British national of Somali (read Islamic) descent I thought it prudent to once again warn people, especially Catholics, of the fact that Islam is of Satanic origin. 

A tree bearing the fruit of Islam
lam isn't hard to understand once a person has it figured out and since I have it figured out I will explain it to you.


Allah is Lucifer. Lucifer is Allah. Islam is the established religion of Lucifer where he sets himself up to be worshiped as the one true God in place of the Holy Trinity. And Muhammad is Lucifer's prophet. Muhammad's "Gabriel" isn't St Gabriel the Archangel as Muhammad was fooled into thinking. Muhammad's "Gabriel" was Lucifer making himself appear as St Gabriel the Archangel. Lucifer, appearing as St Gabriel, beat the terrified Muhammad into submission in the Cave of Hira. He literally beat the Qur'an into Muhammad. That's where the word Islam comes from - it means submission. Submission to Lucifer.

Once we zero in on the demonic origins of Islam in the Cave of Hira, the rest easily falls into place like pieces of a puzzle locked together. No doubt remains that Lucifer conned Muhammad into being his prophet. This has been known simply for ages - from the beginning of Islam when Muhammad was still living. Jews, Christians, and pagan Arabs knew this 1400 years ago.

It's only in the last 70 years that the whitewashed, peaceful Muhammad of politically correct myth appeared. Anything to rid the world of Western Christian thought! Islam will do that for the Left, for as Joel Richardson says: 

When attempting to discern the primary spiritual source of Islam, it is essential to see not only the dark nature of the initial seed but even more so its ultimate vision for the future – its fully mature fruit – as the demonic anti-biblical revelations that began in the Cave of Hira find their culmination with the killing of every Jew, Christian, and other non-Muslim ithe world.

Do you see why Islam is the darling of the Left and their hatred of mankind? Islam will do the dirty work for them and all those blissfully unaware in that when Islam becomes primary in all nations, the Left will be the first people killed under Sharia law. The fools.

Take the foolish feminists and their evil silence on the mistreatment of women in Islam. Islam is an Iron Curtain known as "what happens in an Islamic home stays in an Islamic home". Can you imagine always having to obey someone who beats and rapes, cuts and kills? A sex slave to your own husband? Brothers taught to beat their sisters? Fathers cutting the throats of their daughters in honor killings? Women are prisoners in their own home, never seeing the sun for months because they're literally locked in their homes sitting on the couch all day watching TV because their male family members won't let them go out of the house unchaperoned.

Of course there are good Muslims, but most cling to Islam because they know they'll be killed if they apostatize, for in reality, Islam would disappear but for its particular killing clause. And if what is happening everyday to women in Europe by "culture-enrichers" before the eyes of the silent world - rapes, stabbings, indecent exposure, beatings, FGM, honor killings - what a living hell it must be for Muslim women behind the iron curtain of Islamic countries where no one can or is willing to help them. 


2 Corinthians 11:13-15 explains: For such false apostles are deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no wonder: for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light [Satan can transform himself into "Gabriel"] Therefore it is no great surprise if Satan's servants [Muhammad] masquerade as servants of righteousness.

Holy Scripture says that St Gabriel the Archangel was sent by God to the Blessed Mother at the Annunciation. Islam teaches that "Gabriel the Archangel" was sent by God to Muhammad in the Cave of Hira. Only one of the two angels in the two events was the genuine St Gabriel the Archangel. Only one of the two angels in the two events was sent by God. The genuine St Gabriel the Archangel can be in one event only. Most definitely he cannot be in both. Why?

Thinking about it, the conundrum becomes clear. God sent St Gabriel once. To one person. How do we know that He didn't send Gabriel twice? We know this for a certainty because God is immutable. Would God, Who is immutable, send St Gabriel the Archangel to the Blessed Mother to announce the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, then change His mind 600 years later, and resend Gabriel to earth to Muhammad as His supreme prophet to announce a new religion to supersede Christianity, thereby implying that Christ’s redeeming death on the Cross was no longer needed? 

The answer is a most definite no. God would not and did not rethink His salvation plan and resend Gabriel to Muhammad to declare that he (Muhammad) was to start a new religion because Christianity just was not working out as first designed at the foundation of the world. 

Cute snapshot of a sweet smiling snake.
He means well, is not poisonous
and wants to by my friend.

The angel "Gabriel" who gave the revelations to Muhammad and denied Jesus is the Son of God, is not the same St Gabriel of the Bible who said that Jesus is the Son of God. God is immutable. He does not change His mind.

If Muhammad’s “Gabriel” is not the real St Gabriel the Archangel, then who is he? Angels are real, and exist in the transcendent world of eternity. Satan is an angel, now categorized as a demon, with angelic powers and therefore can reveal himself to humans in various forms. Was Muhammad’s Gabriel then Satan in disguise? Of course. Therefore if Allah, Muhammad’s “Gabriel” and Satan are one and the same, a sort of unholy trinity of hate, then Allah is not God at all but rather a fallen angel, Satan himself, who needs to be worshiped in all his attributes of hatred, killing, destruction and death. Islam!

Muhammad says he was a direct descendant of Ishmael however how did he know this? Were birth records kept by nomads 1400 years ago for the 3000 years since Ishmael was born to the time of Muhammad's birth? Of course not. There is no genealogical, historical or archaeological evidence linking Abraham and Muhammad. "Ishmael was the Arab spawn of Abraham and his Egyptian concubine, Hagar, who was eventually exiled along with Ishmael from Abraham's tribe to the desert of Sinai, not to the desert of Arabia." Besides, faith is not transmitted by bloodlines. It's transmitted by God. 

But how cunning the Devil is for Islam says: The Qur'an is the "Mother Book" from whence all scripture originated therefore his (the Devil's) religion came first. Shrewd. His messenger (Muhammad) is therefore the last messenger. Sly. The Qur'an descended upon Muhammad as the Truth of God. CraftyAbraham, Moses, Jesus and Mary were all Muslims. Devious deceit. Jesus will return to earth as a Muslim jihadist to kill every Christian, Jew and other non-Muslim in the world. Treacherous lie.

How could a Catholic not see thorough these blatant lies? Pope Francis? Cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, religious, members of the laity? Believing Islam's lies clearly betrays Christ.

Since Christ founded Christianity in order to populate Heaven, why would the Devil not think that he too must have an opposite religion, not only to thwart God’s plan, but also to populate hell? Satan wants to be worshiped in all his attributes and as we know, the Allah of Islam mirrors every attribute of Satan's hatred for mankind and even animals... all of God's creation for that matter... for the fruits of Islam are love of killing, hatred and death, bloodshed, destruction, cruelty, deceit, stoning, stealing, violence, lying, torture, beheading, murder, constant jihad, subjugation, forced conversion, forced marriages, child brides, the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation, kidnapping, slavery, dhimmitude, and the spread of Islam by brute force. 

Is this the meaning of an Abrahamic Faith?!! Of course not. How did this happen? How did Satan manage to blanket the planet with his wicked religion then entice inhabitants of earth to emphatically declare that all the above attributes of such odious evil are peaceful? In Muhammad, Satan found a weak prideful foolish pawn to manipulate in order to found his (Satan's) own religion, Islam, which is the direct opposite of Christianity. 

Islam teaches that "Gabriel" was sent by God to Muhammad so that Muhammad would restore Islam, which Muslims believe was the original unaltered Abrahamic monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, with the Qur'an as the  "Mother Book" of the Old and New Testaments. Therefore there never can be ecumenical discussion with the religion of Islam. Are we to fraternize with Satan and his religion? No. We are to keep the devil at bay - not invite him in for a discussion.