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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Thought for the Day: Hope Rules!

 “Nowadays, the whole power of hell seems more than ever bent upon fighting the moral power of the Church and suffocating the divine life in souls….No doubt the abandonment of the liturgical life and the cessation of its influence upon the faithful have contributed to this impotence. Our spirituality has become narrow, dry, superficial, external, or altogether sentimental; it down not have the penetration and soul-stirring power that only the liturgy, that great source of Christian vitality can give.”

Dom Chautard wrote that in Soul of the Apostolate published in 1946. It explains in a nutshell the attack on the traditional Latin Mass. In order to advance the great reset or globalism or one world government, whatever you want to call it, the Holy Mass had to be gutted. And so the attempted suppression of the Mass of the ages will continue. It will not be successful. God wills it and those attacking it are attacking God Himself. That never works. They may seem to win for a while as they persecute the believers, especially our priests, but in the end, no matter how hard Satan and his minions rage, they lose.

Hold your ground, faithful people of God. Pray and do penance and cling to the rosary in this month dedicated to Mary’s holy rosary. Her Son is Christ the King and the king rules in the hearts of His people! Hope rules!

Dei Gratias!


  1. Mary Ann, your copy may have been published in 1946, but Dom Chautard died in 1935 and The Soul of the Apostolate was said to be St Pius X's favourite bedtime reading. I think it was written in the late 19th century.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I need to learn more about Dom Chautard. Your comment Spurs me to do it.

  3. Can you please post the latest newsletter on the website. I'm not sure how to subscribe to it.

  4. My webmaster has been busy. Hopefully she’ll post it this week.