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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Shrines worth a Pilgrimage: Shrine of Christ’s Passion


My husband and I are on a pilgrimage in thanksgiving to Our Lady for a particular favor in response to a family tragedy. I begged her intercession and promised we would make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians on Holy Hill in Hubertus, WI. She responded, and we keep our promises!

On the way through Indiana we saw a billboard advertising the Shrine of Christ’s Passion in St. John, IN. So we made that our first stop there and are glad we did. Although it’s a non-denominational shrine, the family who developed it are obviously Catholic. The “prayer walk” is a Stations of the Cross with bronze figures depicting each of the 14 events. There is an audio button at each stop with an inspirational message. There is also a walk to Mt. Sinai where Moses is holding the tablets with the Ten Commandments. 

The final section depicts post resurrection scenes: the empty tomb, Christ’s meeting with Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ ascending. The hill of Golgotha is right below the parking lot of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. We went in to make a spiritual Communion, but Mass was going on and we were able to receive Jesus physically, another incredible blessing.

The theater in the gift shop has an inspirational film that also shows scenes of the property excavation and the sculptor who created the impressive bronze figures. We prayed our rosary as we walked the path and saw people of all different ethnic groups and ages — very cosmopolitan, just like the first Pentecost in Jerusalem.

We would never have stopped there except for the billboard. I think my angel tapped me on the shoulder inviting me to see it. While we’re in Wisconsin we plan to go to the Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians, our original destination, but also to Our Lady of Good Help, the only approved apparition site in the United States. We visited there several years ago, but would like to go back.

Jesus meets His sorrowful Mother

If you want to meet the Lord personally, go on pilgrimage. You don’t have to travel far. Visit local churches to pray the various decades of the rosary. Stop at a cemetery and pray for the dead. We’ll be doing that often in November. There are many different ways to be a pilgrim. Go to a church named for your patron saint. Take your children and grandchildren too. And don’t forget your guardian angel. 


Tony B. said...
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Mary Walker said...

Thanks Mary Anne, you opened my eyes, I need a pilgrimage, and soon.

Mary Ann said...

Unknown, does the bookshop have a parking lot that can handle a car towing a 23 foot trailer?