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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Jorge Bergoglio, S.J. and the Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church

Identical Ideological Twins,
i.e., identical in mind and actions
Jorge Bergoglio, SJ, left
Pedro Arrupe SJ, right
On October 11, 2019, I posted this on Les Femmes. I'll use part of that post in this one but with a more bitter twist since, in the two years since then, things have gotten even worse than expected with Jorge Bergoglio's scorched earth policies.

The plan of the Modernist Vatican II Church to destroy the Ancient Rite of the Mass, and therefore Traditional Catholic belief,  has been known for decades, but now we have Bergoglio's Traditionis Custodes to put a stranglehold on all things actually Catholic, not because Francis is trying to guide the Church but because he's trying to utterly destroy her. To the ground. Into dust. 

This fact can be discovered on pages 119-120 in Romano Amerio's brilliant Iota Unum. Below is a snippet from Chapter V, 55, The Post-Conciliar Period:

...but if the Church should die to itself and break with its past so as to rise as a new creature, the past is not something that should be appropriated and lived out, but something from which one should detach oneself and then repudiate; and reverence and respect for it will thus vanish. The words respect and reverence include the idea of looking backward, for which there is no room in a Church projected towards the future, a Church which sees the destruction of its past as a condition of its own rebirth.

Being elected pope by the orchestrations of the St Gallen Mafia (like Biden was "elected" by a coup of the Communist Left) gives Bergoglio carte blanche to destroy Christ's Church thereby giving birth to a new one world religious creature, the darling of all Communists, Socialists, Marxists, sodomites, lesbians, abortionists, and garden variety liberals of all sorts (Traditional Catholics not welcome). Bergoglio's revolutionary destruction of the Catholic Church happens daily before our eyes. Meanwhile Catholic bishops attend meeting after meeting in posh hotels wondering "what to do, what to do", then return to their comfortable mansions apparently stocked with mountains of food. Soon they'll be bishops of Bergoglio's new one world polycephalic creature of Abrahamic Faiths. As long as they're allowed to remain in their palaces ruling over the people under the command of the elites, I'm sure they'll be happy to accommodate the new religion that they'll be bishops of, because honestly, I don't think many of them understand why they're Catholics in the first place.

Back in the intoxicating days after Vatican II Pedro Arrupe was removed as Superior General of the Jesuit Order by Pope John Paul II however don't bother to consult Wikipedia or the leftist Jesuit magazine, America because they say that Arrupe "resigned". The Jesuits won't admit that John Paul II removed Arrupe. They cover up the fact by saying that Arrupe resigned due to his failing health. Additionally, they say that Arrupe was going to recommend American Jesuit Vincent O'Keefe as his replacement when instead John Paul II "intervened" and appointed two other Jesuits, Paola Dezza and Giuseppe Pittau, to oversee the Society of Jesus until a new Superior General could be elected.

Yet the cold hard truth is that on October 5, 1981, Pope John Paul II rightfully removed Pedro Arrupe, S.J., forever from the Generalate, which in turn, removed O'Keefe from his post as Vicar General of the Society and from all hope of being elected General by a subsequent Congregation. Then he (JPII) firmly and resolutely appointed Dezza and Pittau as overseers until such time (two years later, September of 1983) a new Superior General could be elected. 

Pope John Paul II did this because of Arrupe's mass secularization of the Society of Jesus, 
the deterioration of obedience to the pope and disaffection from the papacy. The rot had spread too far and too deep. Pope John Paul II was angry. He was going to take no more of it. The Jesuits under Arrupe had set their faces resolutely against the pope, and indeed the very concept of the papacy in the Catholic Church - that is, until now with a Jesuit pope, Jorge Bergoglio, S.J., who is one of their own. 

Now the papacy is good. Now the pope must be obeyed. Now it is we who disagree who must be dismissed....we must be removed

Admitting that Arrupe was removed by John Paul II would put a blight on Arrupe's memory and negatively impact his being raised to the altar of sainthood which is already in the process by the Jesuits and approved by Jesuit Jorge BergoglioPedro Arrupe is now Servant of God Pedro Arrupe, S.J. for the Marxist left must have their own saints upheld for the admiration of the people to fool them into thinking that Marxist Socialism is the path to follow in order to get into heaven. (Marxists say Jesus was a revolutionary, Islam says Jesus was a Muslim...see how Satan uses God to further his own purpose?)

Pedro Arrupe defied two popes - Paul VI and John Paul II - and was dismissed as Superior General of the Jesuits, but have no fear because Jorge Bergoglio, patron of pagan idols and Islam, is in charge now and will lead the way we must follow. Holding pagan rituals in the Vatican Gardens and the denial of the divinity of Christ are more than equal to what Pedro Arrupe did to the Society of Jesus, for which he was removed, therefore it seems only right that for his horrifying disobedience to Our Lord and His Bride, the Church, Jorge Bergoglio, S.J., also must be removed.

What Pedro Arrupe did to the Society of Jesus is step by step what Jorge Borgoglio currently is doing to the Catholic Church. As Arrupe destroyed the Jesuit order, Bergoglio must destroy the 2000 year-old past of the Church in order to give birth to a new, wholly other church of the Left's vision. The destruction of the Catholic Church is a must. Her past must be destroyed because its a condition of her rebirth. The ancient Mass must be destroyed. The Dogmas of the Faith must go by way of the wind. The whole and entire past of the Catholic Church must be thoroughly forgotten, gone forever, because the revolutionary destruction of her past is a condition of her rebirth into...well, something else, but it won't be Catholic. The ongoing current destruction of the Catholic Church is a requirement before the "rebirth" can take place. See?

It's the same reason that simultaneously the USA is being destroyed. The America we knew and loved must be utterly destroyed - totally gone - before her "rebirth" into Communism can take place. That's how revolutions operate. Understand?

Remember that "destruction" is an attribute of Satan. To destroy innocence and all that is good, true and beautiful is the work of the devil and people who do that are Lucifer's instruments. We must see and understand this in order to combat the evil currently being done right before our eyes.


Unknown said...

I did not know Jesuit history and trust you are correct with this Arrube character as I am burdened with a fallen Catholic at work who went to a Jesuit high school - which is important as when I asked him about this faith (understanding he married a Jewish lady and raised his kids faithless with an orientation toward Judaism, He replied “I do not believe in a god, the Jesuits taught me to think”…. This person is a very smart man in a technological field, but quite sophomoric in philosophical and religious thought.
Getting to the reason I am posting, you hit the nail on the head of a many year old thought of mine where the “election” of a fallen Catholic (maybe he was never truly Catholic) in the USA parallels the current status in God’s one and only Church, a falsely elected head of state.
My thought is that the parallels of the corruption and destruction of the USA parallel the Church, almost in lock step, like looking in a strange mirror.
The 1960s are reflected upon with fond nostalgia by those who shut off Gods traditions while His remnant see that decade not as the beginning of the corruption, but the institutionalization of it in both institutions…. Parallels…

M.T. said...

Thanks so so much! This is so sad, so tragic, so horrible. St. Ignatius, please intercede for the Papacy and for us ..... It leaves me speechless. Thanks again for keeping us informed and for being so courageous ,,,,,all for the Greatest Glory of God...which the Jesuists forgot a long time ago.

Anita Moore said...

JPII was completely in the tank for Vatican II, but the Vatican II novelty of "collegiality" was, and is, a frontal assault on the papacy.

Aqua said...

“ … but now we have Bergoglio's Traditionis Custodes to put a stranglehold on all things actually Catholic, not because Francis is trying to guide the Church but because he's trying to utterly destroy her. To the ground. Into dust.”

Indeed there is much violence in the Church and in the world as God has withdrawn His holy face from our great evil. But that is not the end of this story.

There is much burning and destruction within Holy Mother Church in this evil day. True. But there is also much burning in the holy fires of purgatory. Also true. Burning and fire is not necessarily bad. Faith and works without sanctifying Grace that cannot withstand the flame are what is truly bad, Purgatory serves to prove whether our work is of God, or of the world - pure gold and diamonds, or, base metal and chaff.

What Jorgé Bergóglio will do is simply act as the flame, that burns the chaff to stubble so that when he is done, all that is left when the chaff and dead branches are gone is the pure and now strengthened-by-fire gold and diamonds of the Christian Faithful, who value their true Love more than anyone before thought possible.

Remember the Discalced Carmelite Martyrs of Compiègne.

A moving video remembrance:

An excellent historical remembrance:

It takes a heart of gold infused with Grace to see beyond the terror of evil as everything you love is burned and desecrated and destroyed. Out of this current travail comes the power and the glory and the everlasting beauty that is God Triumphant.

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle.

Our Lady, full of Grace, intercede for us who fly to you for protection in the gathering storm.

Jesus Christ, Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

Those of us who remain love you supremely with all of our hearts.