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Monday, October 4, 2021

We're in a Holy War! Suit Up, Pray, Fast, and Fight!

I just returned last night from the Catholic Identity Conference. The theme was HOLY WAR: The Kingship of Christ vs the Great Reset. What a tour de force! Friday every speaker was a priest or bishop. Fr. John Echert, the former military chaplain, who sometimes used a U-Haul trailer as his portable church during the lockdowns, kept us all spellbound. Here's a video of his parking lot Mass on Laetare Sunday. He prayed Easter Mass in the snow from the back of the trailer.

There is something particularly appropriate about a military chaplain saying Mass outside in the open, bringing the holy Mass to those deprived of it because of the Wuhan war against the Church. That's what it is, folks. The powers that be know that if the Church opposes the Great Reset, they are in deep trouble. That's why the theme of this year's conference is so important. Most of our bishops have failed us, but many of our brave priests have not. (Check the conference schedule here. You can sign up for 30-day access to all the talks here, although I believe they are extending it to 90 days. Even if you watch only a few, it would be worth every penny.)

The pontifical Mass with Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Friday afternoon was standing room only and one of the most moving Masses I've ever attended. To see him in the role of Peter was to witness the good shepherd. What a contrast to the mean-spirited false shepherd sitting in Peter's chair: smug, uncharitable, attacking unceasingly those traditionalist who refuse, in the spirit of St. Thomas Aquinas, to bend the knee to his unjust and ungodly agenda. All through the weekend we were urged to pray for Francis but to resist his evil actions and be willing to return to the catacombs of our homes to celebrate Mass if he continues his nuclear war against the Traditional Latin Mass. He is shaking his fist at God. He can't win!

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, a good and faithful shepherd!

Michael Matt spoke of a holy priest in Canada who tried to conform himself to Pope Paul VI's new Mass imposed post Vatican II. After five years, he gave up. Did he leave the Church? NO! Although tens of thousands of priests abandoned their vocations and vows after the council, he became, like missionaries of old, a traveling priest. He started out in Eastern Canada on Sunday and worked his way across the country praying the Latin Mass in cities and town along the way for tiny remnant communities until he reached the west, boarded a plane, returned to eastern Canada and began the journey again. 

In every place he stopped to pray the Mass of the ages, a thriving Latin Mass community exists today. What a witness to the power of one faithful priest serving God in the wilderness! Will we come to that again? It's possible. Every priest who spoke (none were from the SSPX) said he will continue to say the Latin Mass. The buildings may be taken from them like Henry VIII's rape of the churches and monasteries in England, but these priests will continue, not in disobedience, but in obedience to Holy Mother Church and her doctrines and to God Himself. The TLM is growing and Pope Francis will never have enough power to suppress it no matter how many bishops join his unholy war.

That was clearly expressed by Vatican journalist, Diane Montagna, on Sunday morning when she told us her contacts in Rome describe the situation in the holy city as "a madhouse." The survey that supposedly convinced the pope to suppress the Mass as divisive and the threat to unity, did not support the view of the TLM as a source of division. It appears that the survey was a smokescreen to provide a stage and props to destroy the Latin Mass. Montagna quoted some of the bishops' comments coming from her sources. (While the survey has not been made public, I presume she saw a leaked copy. Not every bishop is a Judas.) Some bishops invoked the Gamaliel principle, i.e., If it's not from God it will disappear; if it is from God, you will be fighting against God and will not succeed. 

Diane Montagna: photo from a previous CIC conference

The TLM definitely will not disappear. When the CIC conferences began only a few hundred attended. This year it was close to 800, at capacity, and they had to turn people away while thousands watched the livestream from around the globe. A miniscule number, you modernists laugh? The Church began with only eleven faithful men led by an unlearned fishermen. Laugh all you want, the signs of the times are with Tradition with a capital T and the Fathers of the Church, not with the novelties of the man-made new religion of the modernists. Look at the families attending the Latin Mass and the parishes filled with geriatrics like me at the NO. I love being among the children and their young parents. Give me the tropical island with lots of little birds chirping rather than the noisy, happy clappy chaos at many NO services. 

I can't begin to do justice to the CIC weekend. All of the speakers were great. Peter Kwasniewski, Abby Johnson, Chris Ferrara...each added something valuable to the conversation. I particularly loved Bishop Schneider's talk on the angels and will think of the heavenly court surrounding the altar at every Mass and surrounding the tabernacle in every Catholic church where the sanctuary light burns. 

The weekend was not an assault on the Novus Ordo (NO), but it was a proclamation of the glory of the Traditional Latin Mass which began in the early days of the Church as a transformation of the Jewish rituals. The Mass is organic; the Eucharistic sacrifice was not created by man out of thin air like the NO with the influence of Protestants and Catholic clergy who hated the TLM. I will continue to attend the NO for daily Mass, but I will look forward with real joy to the Latin Mass on Sunday.

We are, indeed, in a "holy war" to preserve the faith. Since the St. Gallen's Mafia raised Francis to the chair of Peter, we have suffered the consequences of our own laziness to grow in the interior life and conform ourselves to the will of Almighty God. It's long past time to put on the armor of God and fight for Christ like the Catholics of the Vendee, the Cristeros of Mexico, and the underground Church in Communist countries. When the devil appears most to be winning, that is a sign of his desperation. So wrap yourselves in hope. God wins!

Viva Cristo Rey!


rohrbachs said...

It occurs to me a key reason for tlm suppression is because the holy father's name is not audibly pronounced with tlm.

Catholic in Brooklyn said...

"False shepherd sitting in Peter's Chair" Mary Ann, you are so far gone. I'm not sure you can make it back, and at your age, you may not have much time. I really hope something happens to wake you up. I truly pray that God will have mercy on you, and that you are not so filled with the hate that shows up on your blog that you cannot be saved.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I made an exception to my ban on your comments because I hope my readers will pray for you, Mary. May we meet happily in the catacombs or can I expect you to be cheering in the coliseum when they send in the lions to kill the faithful.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

By the way, I don’t question that Francis is pope, but there’s no question he’s the hireling Jesus talks about in the gospel. He’s demonstrated it over and over and over.

M. Prodigal said...

It is not hate to recognize heresy, etc. The Bishop of Rome does not seem to hold the Keys of Peter for he does NOT uphold the truths and traditions of the faith. It has been prophesied that there would be a 'false church' parallel with the true apostolic Church and it has an anti-pope who is lock step with communism, climate change, the dangerous immoral injections and hob nobs with abortionists and depopulation supporters without trying to get them to see the mortal danger of their souls. We do not and can not 'hate' the Bishop of Rome but he has noted himself that he is not the Vicar of Christ.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Catholic in Brooklyn, may you one day soon take the "red pill" so as to see Truth, not the perversion of it that you espouse.

Debbie said...

True unification cannot happen until we get to the bottom of which "Pope" in white in Rome is the true Vicar of Christ on earth. If I were ever in front of Chris Ferrara I'd ask him why he told Ann Barnhardt, to her face, "we all think you're right (about Benedict being the true Pope)". If what one believes privately is different than what one states publicly, there's a problem.

Lauraelaina said...

My Pope is Benedict. You stay pope til you pass. I am laughing at the comments. It's rather hilarious.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

The problem is, Debbie and Lauraelaina, that the hierarchy are the ones with the authority to make that determination. Sadly, they are mostly a good old boys network that, except for a very few, just go along to get along. I don't think there's much martyr material among them.

It seems to me that arguing about whether Benedict is still pope or Francis' election was legitimate or illegitimate is a waste of energy. Knowing the faith and the doctrine and teaching that to our children and grandchildren, along with when we are required to obey and when we should resist is essential. Refusing to accept novelties introduced in the last 60 years that conflict with doctrine doesn't require me to make a determination about who is the "real" pope.

We live in confusing times like Catholics in the past when there were several men claiming to be pope. Even saints sometimes disagreed. Joan of Arc didn't know who the real pope was, but she had no doubt about obeying God even in the face of persecution and death. I stand with her and will just try to follow Christ and Holy Mother Church and the unchanging doctrine of the millennia.

Bernadette and Mike said...

For all those who may think Pope Francis is a true is a prophecy said by St. Francis of Assisi whose feast day was yesterday.....

May we pray for his soul and all those he is leading astray! Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Pray for us!

JKE said...

“I will continue to attend the NO for daily Mass.”

Incredible. Absolutely unbelievable. You’ve just gone to a CIC, yet you’ll continue to go to the Novus Ordo. Amazing. The Novus Ordo Mess is an intentionally Protestantized, anti-Catholic concoction flowing from the Judas Council. Under no circumstances should any actual Catholic attend any Novus Ordo Mess, because the Novus Ordo Mess is inherently irreverent, whether committed in Latin or not, because it’s intentionally anti-Catholic.

It truly is appalling that you walked away from a CIC determined to continue going to the abominable Novus Ordo. They failed you.

As long as you continue attending any Bogus Disordo, you’re indeed at war…against the actual Catholic Church. They should have made this crystal clear to you.

JKE said...

Catholic in Brooklyn,

Nothing in this world makes more sense, except possibly for “white flight,” than to call Jorge Bergoglio (stage name, Francis) a false shepherd. Popes must be Catholic. As a manifest, pertinacious heretic even before he bagan to occupy the Vatican, Bergoglio is not a Catholic. Therefore, Bergoglio cannot possibly have ever become an actual pope. And even if he did, then his many manifest heresies since 2013 have long since caused him to automatically fall from office. And no declaration is needed for this, just as I don’t need a judge to tell me that a murder has been committed that I witnessed in front of my face. Any future declaration will simply be juridical, confirmatory of the actual fact that now exists and spits in our face every day. Bergoglio is a rabid heretic and thus cannot possibly be an actual pope. It’s no accident that he renounced the title of “Vicar of Christ.” This is because he’s actually the Vicar of Satan, as he proves anew with each passing day.

One cannot be the head of a body of which he is not a member.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

JKE, the NO is valid. Even the bishop who spoke at the CIC conference said it was valid. If it isn't valid, you must believe that Jesus has abandoned almost the entire world and left almost every Catholic on the planet orphaned. He promised not to do that. How many have access to the TLM?

I know many good and holy NO priests? I urge them all to learn the TLM, but I will not deprive myself of the "daily bread" promised by God. That would, indeed, give the victory to the enemy.

The kind of language you are using drives people away from traditionalism. I will follow St. Paul and embrace his advice to "be all things to all people." There is no sin in attending the NO. As I said, it is a valid Mass. And many of the people who go to the daily Mass in our parish lead holy, sacrificial lives, perhaps more than many at the TLM. I wish I were as devout as some of them are.

JKE said...

You’ve just confirmed again that the CIC failed you. No actual Catholic bishop would ever defend the Bogus Disordo in any way, because NO ACTUAL CATHOLIC SAINTS, AND INDEED NO ACTUAL CATHOLICS, BEFORE THE JUDAS COUNCIL WOULD RECOGNIZE THE BOGUS DISORDO AS CATHOLIC, BUT AS UTTERLY ALIEN AND HOSTILE TO CATHOLICISM. The “bishop” who defended the Bogus Disordo on the basis of alleged validity was, no doubt, in good juridical standing with the very Judas Council authorities determined to destroy the actual Roman Rite.

Bare validity is not enough. A wedding in drag, or a clown “Mass,” may enjoy bare validity. Yet they’re still abominable mockeries.

Besides, the Bogus Disordo is of highly doubtful validity. Search the Novus Ordo Watch site to learn why. One reason is that, because of the post-Judas Council changes to the rite of ordination, it’s unlikely that those offering the Bogus Disordo are actual priests.

Every time you attend a Bogus Disordo, you wage war anew against the actual Catholic Church and thus against Christ Himself. Stop. Stop today. Become Catholic. Entirely reject the Conciliar “Church.”

Anyone who participates in any Bogus Disordo is no friend of Christ or His Church.

“But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?”
-Luke 18:8

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We're not talking about "weddings in drag" or "clown Masses." I've refrained from Communion at Mass when I doubted its validity. But I've been to many reverent and respectful NO Masses celebrated by priests who also celebrate the TLM. We have many here in the Arlington Diocese who celebrate both forms.

If what you say is true about the ordinations of priests then God truly has left us orphaned and even many priests who say the TLM are not real priests. I can't believe that without doing serious damage to my faith in a loving God who promised to be with us always until the end of the world. Your statement that "Anyone who participates in any Bogus Disordo is no friend of Christ or His Church." lacks charity and respect and smacks of pride and the judgment of souls which God forbade us to do. I'll leave it at that, but I will not post any more comments in this vein.

May God give us all wisdom, but above all love for our neighbors whether they attend the NO or the TLM.

Debbie said...

Mary Ann, I hope you'll give a listen to podcast 156 at today's Barnhardt site. I think we are long past waiting for the 'good old boys" to validate what our sensus fidelium is telling us.

Aqua said...

I am not required to accept an Emeritus Pope, “retired from active ministry but firmly and forever within the enclosure of St. Peter as a contemplative Pope” - just because Bishops who elevate or merely tolerate Pachamama and sodomy tell me that I must. They lack authority to command this.


Jesus Christ has spoken on that. There is one Peter. He cannot retire to be an inactive Peter alongside a more vigorous and youthful Peter (or Peter*s*: plural … why just two?). The Papacy is the cornerstone of the visible Church and it has never and cannot now be changed - because Christ Himself has ordained it so.

Sacred Tradition is constant and there is no Emeritus Pope in all history. None. Conflicts over who was Pope - yes. Blithe acceptance of one or more retired Popes in white occupying and Emeritus pasture - no.

This is one among many innovations which are fatal to the Faith. I reject it. Confusion, disunity, anger, sin and immorality predictably reign in the evil aftermath of this false creation.

Pope Benedict XVI reigns. And by a miracle of God still lives so we have time yet to make amends,