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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Don't Fool Yourself, Everybody has Faith in Something and Practices Religious Worship!

There's no such thing as an unbeliever. Everybody believes in something.

Some worship Mother Nature. Some wear their crystals and worship the moon, the stars, pagan goddesses, etc. Some worship money. As St. Paul says, some think of nothing but their bellies. One could say they worship their taste buds and their digestive system. Some actively worship Satan. Some worship Dr. Fauci. Have you seen all the ridiculous religious items being sold in his name? Wow! And then there are those who worship themselves. 

But nobody, absolutely nobody worships nothing. As Scripture says, look where a man's treasure is and you'll know what he worships.

I've met a lot of different people in my 74 years of life, interesting people. Since each of us was created by God, how can each of us not be interesting? How can each of us, who started out as an innocent little baby, not carry a story within? 

I've met New Agers and Satanists when I sidewalk counseled at abortion businesses. I've met atheists and agnostics and pagans wearing crystals. When I went to jail in Buffalo with the Spring of Life abortion rescue back in 1991, I met a woman who said she was an atheist. But she couldn't be really, because she loved the littlest of God's creations enough to suffer for them. She just didn't know yet that she believed in our good God, the Creator of all things. I wonder where she is today and whether being in jail with all those Christians opened a door for her. I hope so.

What we worship and the religion we practice forms us. I recently watched a video about Nancy Pelosi and her ill-gotten gains, the way she and her husband have amassed a fortune from insider information and lobbyists. 

Nancy clearly worships money and power. She lies about being a "devout Catholic" while she champions sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. Her daughter describes her saying, "She'll cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding." That pretty much sums up her worship style. She has the heart of an Aztec priestess willing to cut out the beating hearts of preborn babies and use any tactic to destroy her adversaries.

Nancy and I share a birthday. We also share an alma mater, a Catholic women's college (now a university), Trinity, in the heart of Washington, D.C. It gives me a connection that makes me curious about her. What kind of upbringing did Nancy have other than being rich and, at least, nominally Catholic? Was her politician father a shark who taught her how to go in for the kill? What kind of relationship does she have with her children and grandchildren? What makes Nancy tick? It sure isn't her Catholic faith. 

I pray for Nancy. She's responsible for the gruesome murders of millions of babies waiting to be born. She hasn't a shred of love or sympathy for them or even for their mothers, many of whom spend the rest of their lives grieving. I know! I met some of them when I counseled at a pregnancy help center for eight years. Abortion is no gift for women! It's a political plaything for people like Pelosi and sexual predators like Bill Clinton. 

It's a good thing to examine our own lives frequently to see what we really worship. How do we spend our time and money? Does prayer have an important role in our lives? 

Life is short. I've lived almost three quarters of a century and it went by in a finger snap. There's a lot fewer years ahead of me than behind me. I want to spend the time I have left worshiping Christ and Him crucified. I want to walk with Mary enfolded in her mantle hearing her say, "Am I not here, I who am your mother?" I want to listen faithfully to my guardian angel and my patron saints. 

Life's too short to waste it pursuing money, power, or any other useless object that decays and rusts. The only thing I can take with me when I die is the grace in my soul. Please, God, help me to increase that treasure every day and use it and all my possessions to bless others. O God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

May Jesus Christ be praised and may everyone on earth come to worship the only One who matters, Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Amen