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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Medical Genocide: It’s Coming for You!

Many medical people these days should swap out their lab coats for the black robes of the grim reaper. For decades some have made a literal cash killing by ripping apart babies bodies and sucking them out of their mothers’ wombs. The first home of every living person has, for many little ones, become their grave. 

But the killing isn’t limited to the babies. The vulnerable are also ripe for the killing. Euthanasia and medically assisted suicide snuff out many lives long before their natural end. Some are killed against there will when our modern Dr. Mengele’s decide their lives aren’t worth living. Many of these killings are anything but “mercy” deaths since they often involve starvation and dehydration, a miserable way to die or other gruesome means like suffocation when the “patient” doesn’t die fast enough from the drugs. That’s what Derek Humphrey, the grim reaper of “compassion in dying,” did to his first wife when the drugs didn’t do the job. Then he bullied his second wife into committing suicide when she got breast cancer. 

If you want to see killing on a massive scale look at the organ harvesting business. In China forced organ harvesting is a billion dollar enterprise. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has murdered an estimated million victims, targeting political prisoners and religious groups like the Falun Gong. But we’re killing people here too. Most organ donors don’t realize that unpaired organs, like the heart, can only be taken from living bodies. Often the victims are given paralyzing drugs during extraction to be sure they don’t move. Most are not given anesthesia to avoid damaging the organs. The family members are actively solicited for organs from a team trained to convince them that the compassionate thing is to make their loved one an organ farm. Of course the hospital rep doesn’t present it that way, but that’s what it is. The “hero” designation helps them convince families to do it. But the fact is, they murder the patient to take the organ. “Brain death” was a fiction to enable the harvesting of organs. And the hospitals make a financial killing on it. Do the research, check the links on the side bar. The seamless garment of the culture of death is abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and organ harvesting. And if they need to hasten the death of your loved one, they will. They often use tests that harm the patient and make recovery less likely which helps them get the organs. Doctors report that sleep apnea damages the brain, but pretend that the apnea test to determine brain death is harmless. It’s not! It further harms a brain-damaged patient, which helps advance the organ donation agenda. Think about it! A doctor who is willing to kill the little one in the womb won’t hesitate to support the killing of anyone else and when big bucks are involved….

And then there’s the Wuhan virus…. But that’s a blog post for another day. Just remember, love of money is the root of all evils and the virus has made a lot of people super rich starting with Anthony Fauci and his allies in Big Pharma. Pray for their conversion.


  1. "Most organ donors don’t realize that unpaired organs, like the heart, can only be taken from living bodies." Thank you for saying this; as you do, I suspect it is little known. When Igor collected bodies for Dr. Frankenstein, at least the bodies were dead.

  2. Five years ago a friend's son was in a motorcycle accident. He was in the hospital which was in the process of transferring him to another hospital for surgery. As they were getting ready to transfer him the parents were asked about organ donation. Once the hospital learned that their son's organs would be donated ....well...he never left that hospital. He died and his organs were donated. Or rather I suppose they took his organs then he died. If the parents had said no, then their son might be alive today.