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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dangerous Vaccines: "The Needle Nuts are at it Again!"

How many vaccines are more dangerous than the disease they are supposed to protect against? Probably more than we know. After all, most people just nod their heads like wobble-head dolls when somebody in a white coat says bare your arm. But these days more people are questioning the drugs and with good reason:

Risky new vaccine pushed on babies
By Dr. William Douglass

The needle nuts are at it again — and this time, they’re pushing a dangerous vaccine on babies for a disease you shouldn’t worry about in the first place.
The feds have signed off on a plan to give Menactra, a vaccine that’s supposed to prevent invasive meningococcal disease, to babies as young as nine months old.
“The highest rate of meningococcal disease occurs in children under one year of age,” said Dr. Karen Midthun, director of FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.
Sounds scary, right?  Read more here....
To be open and transparent, I'm not a great believer in the medical profession -- the drug-pushing kind. My dad used to say the reason they call it the "practice" of medicine is because they're practicing on you. So I tend to be slow to go to the doc's and even slower to take prescription medicine. (I use lots of natural supplements.) I would never take a statin drug for cholesterol after reading about them and when my doctor put me on a low dose steroid for my lazy adrenal gland, I took it for a week and then pitched it because I didn't like the way it made me feel. I took the natural supplements recommended by another doctor, a big believer in wholistic medicine. I recently had a three week bout with an upper respiratory thing that left me coughing to the point of being breathless. I thought it would never go away. But it did -- after about three weeks. I never went to the doctor because 1) I wasn't running a fever and 2) everything I coughed up was clear. Interestingly I spoke to lots of people who said, "Oh gosh I had that too (last fall or last winter or a month ago). It was horrible and lasted forever." I didn't take a poll, but I'm bettting that some of those "it lasted forever" folks went to the doctors and were treated with antibiotics, etc. And they still were sick for weeks. I treated myself with lots of hot tea with lemon and honey, vicks on my chest, breathing in a "tent" over a steamy kettle, and extra sleep. And everything has its benefits. I lost five or six pounds.

Most doctors these days get their medical updating from the pharmaceutical firms who are in the business of selling drugs. How many times have you sat in a doctor's waiting room when the drug rep in a dark suit with a briefcase full of samples comes in? Vaccines are big business and if you can get one on the mandatory vaccine schedule all the better. Consider that the chicken pox vaccine was developed for a disease that is harmless for most and that those who take it don't receive a permanent immunity and may be at higher risk for shingles later in life which is a much more serious illness. See here...

Certainly, medical advances in many cases are a tremendous blessing. Antibiotics have saved millions. But the misuse and overprescribing of antibiotics now poses a tremendous risk because of resistant superbugs. Not every new drug is a silver bullet aimed at disease. Some are lead aimed straight at your body's defenses. So be an informed consumer. Read the drug inserts and question the doctor about prescriptions. After all, it would be a shame if going to the doctor makes you sicker than you were in the first place!

For more information on vaccines visit the National Vaccine Information Council.


Nancy Reyes said...

sounds like you had Whooping cough: there is now a resurgence with immigration and people afraid of shots for their kids. And a short course of Erythromycin would have shortened the illness. For you, it was a bad cough, but for an infant, it could be fatal.

I'm old enough to remember polio epidemics, measles encephalitis, and when a simple ear infection make you at risk for meningitis. When I retired a couple years ago, such diseases had become rare, even though my US practice was in a poor rural area with many immigrants.

But one of the untold stories of the modern world is how these vaccines have prevented child mortality in the poorer countries of Asia and Africa.

Thanks to the vaccine, the death rate is now down by 90 percent. Ditto for Polio, except in areas where the "immans" preach against vaccines and children go unprotected.

And I speak from experience, as an ex missionary.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm sure it wasn't whooping cough. I've had bronchitis in the past and it was what I'd describe as a lesser version of that.

I'm not anti-vaccine, but I'm vehemently against the overloading of children's immune systems in the first few years. It is ridiculous to give a hepatis B vaccine to a newborn, especially to a baby of a stay at home mom. And frankly I would stretch the really necessary vaccines over a longer period and skip some altogether like the chicken pox.

There is now talk about using children as guinea pigs to test an anthrax vaccine. Where will it end?

The vaccine schedule for age newborn to 6 is at Count them up. Poor babies!

And here's an article about the anthrax vaccine -

And another article about the company selling these drugs to HHS for big profits.

This is just one more instance of "follow the money."

Jamie said...

By "skipping" those like chicken pox, you make life much more difficult for people like my son and I who are varicella non-immune and who can have an activation of the virus over and over again. One time with chicken pox is unpleasant, but each time we get it, it is more severe. While most people live with the virus dormant (except for the possible outbreak of shingles in later life), we run the risk of having the full course when exposed. I lost all the eyelashes on one eye when I developed a blister on my lower eyelid. Believe it or not, most medical professionals have the best interests of their patients in mind and are not part of some nefarious plot to over-vaccinate the population.

Anonymous said...

Jamie: if you understood the basics of vaccination you wouldn't be so angry about people that choose to GET the chicken pox rather than get a shot. By contracting the chicken pox rather than getting a shot, I became immune to it. Vaccines do not allow the body to fully form the immunity to whatever virus you are being injected with. You are actually SAFER around someone that has HAD chicken pox than someone that's just gotten a shot for it.

And besides that, shall I risk my own health or the health of my child so that you and your child may be "comfortable" and not contract the virus again? I think not.

I know a vaccine developer and HE told me not to give my kids some of these shots. If a guy that creates viruses to be injected tells me to avoid it, I'm going to avoid it.

You say every time you get the chicken pox it gets worse... how many times have you had it? The rates of contracting viruses have not gone down because of vaccines (rates actually go up in heavily vaccinated populations), they have gone down because we have better water, standard of living, cleanliness.

I suggest that you stay inside or get a bubble.