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Friday, May 27, 2011

How 'bout a little hepatitis C to go with that abortion?

Remember Dr. David Acer, the dentist who deliberately infected his patients with AIDS? (See here...)Misery loves company - especially when your misery is self-inflicted and the result of serious sin.

Here's a similar case from an abortion mill worker. When you're willing to kill babies, hey what's the big deal about deliberately infecting a few dozen women with a serious illness? Oh, but we all know the staff of abortion mills are caring and compassionate people who only want what's best for women, right? Right?

Abortion Biz Staffer Charged With Infecting Women With Hepatitis C

Here's just a bit from the article about this terrific guy:
Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Dr John Carnie told the Herald Sun newspaper the investigation has now concluded but he can’t say whether the infections were intentional.

“It would be very hard to determine some accidental means that would involve this number of patients at just the one clinic,” Dr Carnie said....

Peters has been prohibited from practicing medicine and he reportedly has a history of drug usage and was convicted of possessing child pornography. In 1996, he was convicted of forging more than 100 prescriptions for pethidine. The Age newspaper reported that the Croydon Day Surgery abortion business knew of the convictions but hired Peters anyway.

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