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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If Abortion Were Up to the States Its Demise Would be in Sight

Those who know the history of abortion realize it was on the way out prior to Roe v. Wade. After the first flurry of states passed it, the pro-life movement began making big inroads. And some states were absolutely sick of the carnage. New York voted to repeal its two-year-old abortion law in 1972. Thanks to elitist country club Republican and population control advocate Nelson Rockefeller, the abortion cabal had a guaranteed veto. And then in 1973, an oligarchy of five men in black robes imposed child killing on the entire country through all nine months. But God will not be mocked and the battle continues. If you aren't working in your state to do whatever you can to resist the murder machine, you are missing the boat. You can have an impact. Here are some actions around the country. And they are only a fraction of the faithful resistance to evil. Babies waiting to be born need your help! Don't let them down. Pray and work!

Texas Senate Approves to Ultrasound Before Abortion Bill

Indiana looking to cut abortion funding

North Carolina Gov. Perdue Signs Unborn Victims Legislation

Personhood bills introduced, gains traction across U.S.

Virginia's novel approach to ending abortion

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