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Monday, May 30, 2011

One of the Advantages of an Aging Population

The demographic winter which is the inevitable result of an aging population with two few young people is a major problem, but it does offer one distinct advantage -- the ability to find modest bathing suits. You don't see many flabby grandmas in bikinis at the beach. Oh, there are a few loony ladies who let all their bulges hang out, but most have enough sense to know they look foolish stuffing an elephant body into a canary suit.

Twenty-five years ago I would go to the beach and lament the fact that there wasn't a modest suit on the racks at the suit shops - nothing but the teeny weenie bikini. Now, I'm complimenting young moms at the beach wearing two piece suits with little shorts and long tops or swimdresses. There is still plenty of skin, but not nearly as much as there used to be.

Now if we could just get those moms and grandmas (Even better dads who should be protecting their daughters!) to lay down the law with their nearly nude teenage daughters we could really celebrate! 

L.L. Bean and Lands End are two places to shop for sensible, modest suits. I recommend buying at the end of the season for the next summer for great prices if you don't mind not having full selection.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. The speedos have got to go. And yes, gentlemen, please make sure they don't slide down your hips.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck wears Speedos these days, DC? Good grief - this ain't Europe. LOL!

Maybe we should target the young - ahem! - men who wear their pants/shorts so low that most of their "Speedos" can be seen? 8^)

Catechist Kevin

Alice said...

I've been buying suits from Lands End but was a little tired of the same thing. This year, I found out that Talbots sells swim suits--in their catalogue--and got two very cute modest two piece suits. I was pretty excited! I never have any success at the store. The styles are either two old or too teeny bopper--not a lot of choices in between.
I have to say too--now that I've been wearing the skirt type suits for awhile, I doubt I'll be able to go back.
Oh--and we went to the beach today with a large home school group. No bikinis or even tummies showing. Even Madeleine commented on it. Makes my job as a mom so much easier.

Old Bob said...

This old-but-not-dead guy sees most young women's wear as definitely immodest. Splits a guy in half -- the Catholic Christian vs. the Old Adam. Bad news!