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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One of those wolves I was talking about....

Why do the rich and powerful think they can get away with anything? Because the powers that be mostly let them?.....

The Dirty Old Man and the IMF by Pat Buchanan

"What is this satyr doing running the IMF? How was a man of his Eurotrash reputation approved by the United States government? Such conduct may be pooh-poohed over the pond, but has our country dropped that low?

"As is not infrequently the case, Rep. Ron Paul nails it: 'These are the kind of people running the IMF, and we want to turn the world's finances and the control of the money supply (over) to them?'

"Indeed, there are issues here far beyond the corruption of character that drives aging compulsive lechers to criminality when their prey resist.

"One of those issues is: Why is the IMF still being funded by the United States?"


Anonymous said...

I just heard Rush Limbaugh say that the guy reminds him of Pepe Le Peuw. I don't know if the spelling is correct, but that's the Warner Brothers' cartoon skunk.

Janet Baker

Anonymous said...

Although I am partially of French descent, this man turns my stomach. Patrick Buchanan "hit the nail right on the head".