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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Story of Ave Maria Town and Jackson Labs

When Catholics stand up for the fulness of the faith, we can accomplish amazing things. When those who profess to be faithful Catholics compromise with the prince of this world, they court disaster. The saga of Tom Monaghan's attempted union with eugenicist Jackson Labs and Ave Maria Town is a warning to those who love the Lord. You cannot serve God and Money. Ave Maria tried to serve two masters. Thank God a small vocal group stood up and said no. Randy Engel's series provides an important historical perspective and, for those considering relocation to Ave Maria Town, a warning.

Jackson Lab and Ave Maria - Part I

Jackson Lab and Ave Maria - Part II

Jackson Lab and Ave Maria - Part III


Anonymous said...

To anyone who reads this series and believes it is a fair and balanced portrayal of the events and circumstances in Ave Maria, I encourage you to stay away from Ave Maria as people who are so quick to judge will not be happy here in town.

To those who scratch their head wondering what is really going on in Ave Maria, I encourage you to visit our town and talk to our residents. If you can't visit the town, then visit the "Ave Herald" website and you can find contact info for our small town business owners (who are all residents) or get the names of residents in town mentioned in the news stories there so you can look up their contact info online at "White Pages". Then you can call a few people and ask them a few questions about the town and what it's like to live here.

By all means, if you want a perfect town, PLEASE don't visit or move here! Everyone's version of perfect is unique - so everyone who expects perfection will be disappointed.

I moved here and every day I thank God that I am blessed to live in such a wonderful community with such wonderful people and so many opportunities to grow in faith, hope, and love.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm puzzled why someone so enthusiastic about Ave Maria Town would post anonymously rather than offer a personal testimony.

An anonymous witness is really no witness at all. That's why I never post anonymously (or write anonymous letters). It's not my style and I'm not ashamed to attach my name to anything I write or any opinion I express.

As for being "quick to judge," I'd say Randy did extensive research on the Jackson Lab situation which was horrendous! That a city full of serious (and presumably pro-life) Catholics would not have immediately risen up in arms over that scandal baffles me.

Eugenics is the future of the culture of death. You should be thankful that Randy and her expose helped keep Jackson Labs out of your "wonderful community." I wonder how you'd like living next door to the researcher teaching people how to cannibalize babies for their stem cells, even if they didn't do it themselves on site.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,

I agree with you. That's why I invited people to contact persons of their own choosing here in town to gain a better understanding of the town and its people.

Nevertheless, your claim about anonymity is a bit hard to swallow given that the very article series (which you have endorsed and featured on your blog) highlights and lauds one of the author's sources for information about Ave Maria: a now-defunct anonymous blog.