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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Head of National Catholic Reporter Dies at 48

Feuerherd is survived by his wife Rebecca and their three children. Pray for the repose of his soul. When the bishops put out guidelines against voting for pro-abortion candidates in 2008, Feuerherd made it clear he was voting for Obama. Here's what USA today reported in its obituary:
Four years later (2008), in a Washington Post column, Feuerherd said he would vote for Barack Obama, "bishops be damned," after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops approved voter guidelines that cautioned against casting ballots for politicians who, like Obama, support abortion rights.

"To Catholics like me who oppose liberal abortion laws but also think that other issues — war or peace, health care, just wages, immigration, affordable housing, torture — actually matter, the idea that abortion trumps everything, all the time, no matter what, is both bad religion and bad civics," Feuerherd wrote.
Feuerherd's claim to oppose liberal abortion laws conflicted with NCR's constant drum-beating for pro-abortion liberal democrats and their featured columnists like Rosemary Ruether, Sr. Joan Chittister, and others who promoted abortion and contraception. NCR also helped promote the lie that there is a difference between being pro-abortion and "pro-choice" as in "Nobody is pro-abortion, but many are "pro-choice."

Please pray for Joe Feuerherd today. Impending death has a way of clearing the mind and awakening the conscience. Let us pray he thought of the least of God's little ones as he prepared to meet his Maker.

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