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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Truth Lights Up the Mind"

One more on-target message from Mike Voris to annoy my anti-Voris readers. What's not to like about this articulate young man who says Real Catholic TV and St. Michael's Media's only goal is providing material to help save souls? I want to be part of that! That's why I'm a subscriber to Real Catholic TV.


Old Bob said...

Great speech, thanks! What I liked best was his showing the necessary connection between faith and reason.

Ray Schneider said...

Michael Voris is a very effective spokesperson for Catholicism, authentic Catholicism, not the watered down, "Jesus is love" and we're all forgiven and let's all just be nice to one another brand which has been wrecking the church. The reality is that we are called to a much more radical commitment. Being nice is a secular idea which refuses to make truth distinctions. But Jesus is all about Truth.

Anonymous said...

Young man? Lady, he's got to be older than 40.

And that's the truth.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Isn't 40 something young? Gosh, you're making me feel reeeeeeeaaaaaaly old!