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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grandma Gruesome Peddles Suicide Kits

UPDATE: I've removed the link to the article to avoid giving this woman free publicity.

At 91 you would think a persons is contemplating the afterlife and where she might spend it. But this geriatric gargoyle is busy sewing up suicide kits to kill people. What do you think the Lord will say to her on judgment day?

As for her being "compassionate," that's a masquerade. Usually the people these folks want to spare from suffering are themselves. I was with both my mom and dad when they died. They both had terminal cancer. It wasn't pleasant, but the pain was manageable with the meds and they both knew that suffering has value. Daddy used to tell us he was getting souls out of purgatory.

There is one kind of suffering that has no value at all -- hell. This lady is likely to find that out personally if she doesn't repent.


Dolorosa said...

Check out this excellent talk:

Anonymous said...

Hey--I just read your post about the old woman making death hoods. Crazy, chilling and if I were you, I'd take the post down. The article said she didn't want her photo or full name revealed but I noticed it gave the name of her company, a picture of her product and the price. To me that means they are unintentionally giving her free advertising--probably her only interest in talking to anyone. You told me once that you decided the best policy with the devil is to ignore him. I agree and I think if everyone ignores this woman, fewer people who may be tempted will hear about her product. Just my opinion but feel free to ignore it


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Good advice. I'm leaving the post but eliminating the link to the article.

Anonymous said...

This grandmother is MY GRANDMOTHER! Can you imagine how upset I was to find out that she sells these, let alone sells them without question (to depressed persons or even perhaps to minors)? I'm a born again Christian and I pray for my grandmother's soul. She doesn't acknowledge what she is doing is evil; she honestly thinks she is helping others.