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Monday, May 2, 2011

Of Just War Theory and Killing Children

Well, we've killed Bin Laden and the man reaped what he sowed. He was a guerilla leader who murdered in the dark targeting innocent people all over the world with his terrorist attacks. I'll pray for the repose of his soul today, but it's hard to shed any tears over the just punishment of a terrorist leader who was a legitimate military target.

But then there is the news out of Libya about the murder, yes I use that word deliberately, of Gaddafi's 29-year-old son and his three children, Gaddafi's grandchildren, all under the age of twelve. NATO targeted the upscale Tripoli neighborhood where they live attempting to assassinate Gaddafi who escaped unharmed. Several other people were wounded in the attack.

Since when, under just war theory, may civilian neighborhoods be targets?  To see a BBC video of a group of clergymen praying over the bodies, including the bishop of Tripoli, Giovanni Martinelli, go here.

Pray for the poor people of this warring nation. We had no business going in and there's a good chance the end result for the people of Libya will be worse than before.


Brantigny said...

I agree. It was done purly as a politcal gesture to shore up the tyrants regime here in the US. Not that OBL is dead, he has no reason to inflict upon us any further ignomy.

Nancy Reyes said...

It was a concrete bunker with antennas suggesting it was a military installation, not a home.

And one of the favorite tactics of extremists is to hide among civilians and blame the US or Israel for killing civilians. Such tactics of using human shields is against the Geneva convention, but no one ever brings this up.

Finally, when even Al Jezeerah reports skepticism about the report on the Arab street, you know that there is propaganda involved.

Anonymous said...

Boinky, I believe you because in one news report it was said that one of the men who was in the house where Osama Bin Ladin was tried to use a woman in the house as a human shield. Many of these terrorists are just plain cowards. They even talk children and teenagers into being human bombs when they will not do it themselves. They tell these young people that they will go to paradise and be heroes. One young teen recently blew his arm off because the explosives did not kill him. After the Jewish or Christians doctors treated him with such compassion and saved his life, he realized how he had been lied to and used by these evil men. What utter cowards some of them are.

Anonymous said...

Concerning my last post to boinky, I am pro-life, did not vote for Obama and do not believe in deliberately targeting civilians, but in this case I bellieve boinky was right that the U.S. soldiers thought it was a military installation. The Viet Cong often used children, too, to do their dirty work.