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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Liberal Double Standard: On High Gas Prices

Oh, and note Obama's near contempt for the dad with ten children. What crazy people would have ten children? (Answer: My parents and my husbands parents.) What do you think of the high price of gas? Do you agree that it's a "blessing in disguise?"


Old Bob said...

Your title says it all.
Bush high gas prices = bad,
Obama high gas prices = good.
It's a miracle!
All hail, glorious King!!

Old Bob said...

PS -- I just pasted the URL and previous comment to Facebook.

Ray Schneider said...

The sheer hypocrisy of the liberal progressive left and their media lackeys is beyond belief. The sad thing is that there are so many brainwashed Americans that they seem to just swallow this stuff whole.

The Government Indoctrination Centers are turning out automatons for the cause.