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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Says Miracles Don't Happen?

Phoenix woman refuses abortion, gives birth to baby carried outside womb


Anonymous said...

I had a corneal pregnancy in 1996 and it resulted in a rupture and the loss of my fertility and nearly my life (had I not been in the hospital at the time, I never would have made it). The choice was mine to make and I've lived in regret ever since. I'm glad this woman's choice turned out so well and I'm glad we live in a society where she can have that choice. And also glad we live in a society where she could have chosen not to take the risk, because it very rarely turns out so well. I hope she and her boyfriend appreciate the gift of their baby, but hope that others realize that this is not the usual outcome.

Anonymous said...

What faith! God bless them all. By the way, taking out the tube in an ectopic pregancy with the baby still in it is not considered an abortion by the Church because the death of the child is not willed, and most times both the mother and child will die. A true abortion is the directly killing of the child.