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Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Official: We Now Live in the State of Insanity! (Not for kids!)

A first: Majority of Americans now supports same-sex marriage, Gallup finds

Gallup says most Americans now believe that traditional and same-sex marriage are equal.

Duh! If they are equal than it wouldn't matter which the majority chose to practice, right? Think about it. If everybody chose same-sex marriage what would happen? Are you thinking? Have you figured it out?

Hmmmm.......Do these folks know anything about the birds and bees?

The culture of death leads to the death wish for the culture. The Bible predicted a day would come when people would say, "Blessed are the barren and the breasts than never gave suck." We're there. And what happens next? The chastisement and people begging for the mountains to fall on them.

Liberals want to blame the disasters that have been happening in the world on global warming and they are absolutely right -- although it's not from the weather kind. It's actually the global warming that comes from advancing the fires of hell! They are hot - hot - hot! And every time we sin we release another blast from the infernal furnace.

Teach your children the truth about marriage -- God's view of marriage. The world didn't create marriage between a man and woman, God did, in the Garden of Eden when he made Adam and Eve and gave them to each other. Two men or two women (or three or four or six) can pretend to be married, but their bodies don't fit together. (Have you noticed?) And they certainly can't create new life with each other.

Those who pretend that fellatio and sodomy are sexual intercourse live in the worst kind of delusion. In a sane society we'd call them crazy, but sin makes you stupid and we live in the sinful culture of death. The question is how much longer will God let this insanity continue? Pray hard. I personally believe the only reason the world is still here is the amount of Eucharistic adoration going on around the world and the number of people receiving the sacraments and praying the rosary. Like the Blessed Mother said at Fatima -- penance, penance, penance. Pray, pray, pray for mercy on our poor deluded world.


Old Bob said...

Superb post, Mary Ann! Thank you! If I may shamelessly toot my own horn, see my very recent post on Christopher Dawson at

Anonymous said...

The majority won't "choose" gay marriage because only about 10 - 12% of the population is gay.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Always glad to have a fellow band member on the horn, Bob.

Agreed, Anonymous, but that's beside the point. Regardless of how many will choose it, the gay "lifestyle" is a deathstyle for a culture and the point of government is to secure the common good. How can it possibly contribute to the common good to embrace something that attacks the fundamental building block of the culture, the traditional family.

Anonymous said...

"you ain't seen nothin' yet" as the president likes to say.

Asking if you approve of gay marriage is so old. So past.

The question should be: do you approve of queering marriage. Then when they ask what's that, you can start here:

See it's not about Susie and Janie who looooooooove each other, it's about queering. Jokes on us.

Anonymous said...

I never believe any of these polls. The poll takers and newspapers told us in California that Prop 8 would not pass. They did not even poll me or most of the people I knew. Many people who believe in moral values also refuse to be part of these polls. Right or wrong is not decided by polls. Many people also lie on polls to keep their jobs. They do not trust the Poll takers.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I hope you're right, but based on the opinions of some of my extended family I'm afraid it's accurate.