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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Illegal Immigration and Sex Trafficking

I once listened to a radio interview with a former agent with U.S. Immigration. He talked about the link between illegal immigration and sex trafficking saying that women were brought in and established in houses of prostitution in areas where Hispanic men lived, separated from their families. It was one of the additional criminal consequences, he said, of illegal immigration. This article from LifeNews confirms what he said as well as pointing to one more despicable act by Planned Parenthood (PP). PP will happily enable sex trafficking since it helps their bottom line. They've been caught now in aiding statutory rapists, advising the illegal transfer of minor girls across state lines to avoid parental consent/notification laws, and now it looks like sex trafficking may be on their resume as well. Got to give it to them though. A lot of liberal women defend Planned Parenthood despite the fact they aid and abet the exploitation of women anywhere anytime. PP is absolutely fabulous at PR propaganda. But then when you get beaucoup bucks from the taxpayers you can spend a lot polishing your image!

Planned Parenthood May Have Helped Sex Traffickers in Indiana


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of controversy over the numbers of adult woman who are forced sex slaves. The real factual answer is that no one knows. There is hard evidence that the sex slavery/sex trafficking issue continues to report false information and is greatly exaggerated by politicians, the media, and aid groups, feminist and religious organizations that receive funds from the government, The estimate of adult women who become new sex slaves ranges anywhere from 40 million a year to 5,000 per year all of which appear to be much too high. They have no evidence to back up these numbers, and no one questions them about it. Their sources have no sources, and are made up numbers. In fact if some of these numbers are to believed which have either not changed or have been increased each year for the past twenty years, all woman on earth would currently be sex slaves. Yet, very few real forced against their will sex slaves have been found.

It is not easy for criminals to engage in Sex Trafficking activity:

Sex trafficking is illegal and the penalties are very severe. It is very difficult to force someone to be a sex slave, they would have to have 24 hour guards posted and be watched 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Have the threat of violence if they refused, and have no one notice and complain to the authorities or police. They would need to hide from the general public yet still manage to see customers from the general public and not have the customers turn the traffickers in to the police. They would need to provide them with medical care, food, shelter, and have all their basic needs met. They would need to have the sex slaves put on a fake front that they enjoyed what they were doing, act flirtatious and do their job well. They would have to deal with the authorities looking for the missing women, and hide any money they may make, since it comes from illegal activity. They must do all of this while constantly trying to prevent the sex slaves from escaping and reporting them to the police. They would need to prevent the general public from reporting them into the police.

This is extremely difficult to do, which makes this activity rare.

Anonymous said...

interesting that human trafficking is so rare that ICE has a page dedicated to its eradication:

"oh" you say, "that web site is old"... well so you say, but ICE has links to recent issues:

Recent News

5/9/2012 Indianapolis, IN Multi-state prostitution ring based in Indianapolis dismantled

5/4/2012 San Diego, CA Gang member sentenced to nearly 20 years for sex trafficking teen

5/3/2012 Phoenix, AZ HSI rescues 4 from violent Phoenix human smuggling drop house

5/2/2012 Eagle Pass, TX Leader in alien smuggling ring sentenced to 18 years

4/23/2012 Atlanta, GA Brothel owner pleads guilty in alien harboring conspiracy

4/19/2012 Oakland, CA Northern California man sentenced to 9 years in federal prison for sex trafficking teens