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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Business Made 'Em Do It

Somebody has to be to blame for the GSA (General Services Administration) extravaganza in Las Vegas that spent nearly a million taxpayer dollars so fat cat bureaucrats could enjoy plush hotel digs, gourmet meals, and take-home goody-bags. And of course it can't be the greed of the public "servants" themselves.  Somebody made 'em do it? Who? George Bush is getting a little thin as the scapegoat. But Suzy Khimm at the Washington Post has the answer.

Big business made 'em do it! "It shouldn't come as a surprise that some government employees have embraced the free-wheeling ways of the private sector," Khimm tells us. After all, GSA deals with the business world and contract for their services and businesses spend money on wheeling and dealing.

I think Khimm is on to something. Government/business relationships offer many opportunities for corruption. And one of the coziest government/business relationship involving the current administration, one that has stalled the budget at times and represents the #1 issue with Obama's healthcare mandate is the mega-big business that masquerades as a non-profit. (drum roll.....) PLANNED PARENTHOOD, aka Murder for Hire.

Khimm missed that one. She had her sights on Exxon, but Planned Parenthood would be a better example. They rake in multi-millions of our tax dollars every year with bogus claims of providing "health care" to women. Actually, their "reproductive services" make women sicker. Their birth control pills have acted like fertilizer to the breast cancer epidemic endangering younger and younger women with ever more virulent strains of the disease. But they keep the money rolling in with massive expenditures on lobbying including over $1.5 million in 2011. They also overcharge for their services. According to former abortion mill director Abby Johnson, her Planned Parenthood office charged the feds $750.00 for IUDs that cost them $300.00. Nice little profit there and that didn't even count the cost of insertion. (Isn't the mechanic's labor fee always more than the part he installs?)

GSA really has nothing on Planned Parenthood when it comes to waste and fraud of taxpayer dollars. Apparently they aren't very adept pupils. But since PP shows no signs of being abandoned by the true believers in the administration, they no doubt still have plenty of time to learn.

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