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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Day of Silence is all about Silencing the Opposition

The gay lobby has declared Friday April 20th "The Day of Silence" when schools are urged to allow teachers and students to go around like zombies to promote the gay agenda by their "silence." They've chosen an appropriate name all right because it's definitely about silence -- silencing Christians and other people of faith who object to the normalization of perverted behavior. The gay lobby is not interested in increasing respect for people with same-sex attraction. Everyone has a right to respect as a child of God. But what they want is respect and acceptance for same-sex acts. "Love me, love my perversion," is their unspoken motto.

Advertised as an anti-bullying protest, the Day of Silence is actually all about bullying those who dare to oppose the gay agenda. It's also about brainwashing kids into accepting gender confusion, including the behaviors that go with it, while demanding everyone call these behaviors normal. It's like telling kids that classmates who go around insisting they're Napoleon or Queen Elizabeth are perfectly normal and, of course, the students are required to live in their virtual world of make-believe.

The Day of Silence is a PR success story. It creates incredible peer pressure on the kids to recognize special rights for those with same-sex attraction. Students who disagree are bullied in the name of anti-bullying. They're called names (homophobes and murderers), accused of intolerance and bigotry and are often persecuted by both fellow students and teachers. They are even blamed for the suicides of poor, disturbed young people. In all the "jamming" by the gay lobby, the facts are usually hidden and distorted and the kids are their pawns.

Yes, the gay lobby knows the value of peer pressure among kids and that getting the kids is their future. And they've been oh-so-successful in their takeover of the public school system with their "diversity bookbags" for kindergartners and their gay-straight clubs to indoctrinate older children, and their sick materials like The Little Black Book.

The Day of Silence is ultimately a recruitment tool to get healthy new blood into the gay community. Although we don't hear much about it in the media, AIDS continues to be primarily a disease of gay and bisexual men. The Center for Disease Control reports that almost 65% of of those living with AIDS in the U.S. (over a million) are men having sex with men (MSM). They also account for the largest percentage of new cases:
Gay and bisexual men remain the population most heavily affected by HIV in the United States. CDC estimates MSM represent approximately 2% of the US population, but accounted for more than 50% of all new HIV infections annually from 2006 to 2009 –56% in 2006 (27,000), 58% in 2007 (32,300), 56% in 2008 (26,900) and 61% (29,300) in 2009. [These figures are underestimated because the report also discusses undiagnosed cases.]
[CDC surveillance report -]
But that's not all. Young males are showing a shocking increase in HIV infection:
Even though the annual number of new HIV infections was stable overall during those years [2006 through 2009], there was an estimated 21% increase in HIV incidence for people aged 13-29 years, driven by a 34% increase in young MSM  (the only group to experience a significant increase in incidence in this age range). Among MSM aged 13-29, HIV incidence among black/African American MSM increased significantly (48%) from 2006 through 2009 with a statistically significant 12.2% estimated annual percentage increase. [same report as above]
The CDC states they don't know what caused this increase then goes on to suggest several reasons. One they don't mention is the increase of gay propaganda in middle and high schools.

Think about it. If you sponsor programs saying that homosexual sex is normal and equivalent to marital intercourse, then experimenting with homosexual sex is normal as well. And the younger the kids are when they are targeted for this propaganda, the more likely they can be groomed and what a blessing to bring in all that clean blood (at least temporarily).

As for the Day of Silence, find out if your school is participating and pull your kids out for the day if it is. You will spare them the peer pressure and send your own silent message to the administration.  And if your kid is punished or you are threatened for an unexcused absence, band together with other parents and consider legal options for the violation of your religious rights!

To check out the CDC data yourself go to:

N.B. Despite the increase in AIDS, gay bathhouses are returning to many places, endangering the men who use them as well as the public health. Americans for Truth is exposing this perversion. Read about it here, but viewer discretion is advised. This website is not for children.


  1. So then, does the Day of Silence “Celebrating Diversity (tm)” also advocate approval and acceptance for Necrophilia, Bestiality, Masochism, Sadism and Transvestism?

    Of course not. Those things are gross.

    I see...and Sodomy isn't?

  2. Can we get the homosexuals to be silent all the time?


  3. I am always amazed at how 'conservatives' who say that they want to limit government want to stick their noses into peoples' sex lives. What two consenting adults choose to do in their bedroom is up to them. The key words are consenting adults. I'm assuming that we can all agree to speak up for children, animals, or corpses that find themselves at the mercy of a predator. And there is a big, big difference between a homosexual person in a relationship and a predator. Plenty of predators on any side of sexual preference. But I know you don't believe me, because you are always right. However, I use your blog as a teaching tool for myself that there are people who really do think the way you do (even though sometimes I can only shake my head at you).

  4. I agree...what "two consenting adults choose to do in their bedroom is up to them"...and God. But we're talking about them doing it in public during gay pride parades, doing it with strangers at public bath houses, teaching minors how to do it, etc. The gay lobby isn't interested in keeping it in the bedroom. It has to be shoved in the faces of the rest of us. As for homosexuals "in a relationship" can you cite a single study that shows same-sex couples maintain more than transitory relationships? Kinsey had a hard time finding any gay couples who practiced fidelity.

    As for sexual predators, you are right. About 60% of molestation cases are committed by heterosexuals, 40% by homosexuals. However, that means that 2-3% of the population commits 40% of the molestations. Of course, nobody appears to worry about homosexual assaults on little boys unless the homosexual predator happens to be a priest.

    1. There are many people who are in relationships of all sexualities that don't have sex. Whether it is for religious or personal reasons, or if they are asexual, like myself. And when you say "The gay lobby isn't interested in keeping it in the bedroom. It has to be shoved in the faces of the rest of us," I chuckle because there are many times where your so-called followers of the Lord have tried to shove the Christian agenda down my throat. So I admit BOTH sides do sometimes go a bit too far, even though it is neither sides business what the other side does, I do believe that someday we will all be able to get along.

  5. I find this to be interesting: