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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brain Death is a Sham

One more patient being steered toward the organ farm woke up and walked out of the hospital five weeks after doctors told his dad he was brain dead and would never recover. Dad just didn't listen and enlisted the assistance of a G.P. and neurologist to fight for his son's life. Today the 21-year-old is studying accounting at a local U.K. college. Life Site News says Stephen Thorpe's case is like dozens of others. So when you hear the words "brain dead" remember Stephen Thorpe et al and get another opinion to protect your loved one. This is why I will NEVER approve for myself or anyone else the transplantation of unpaired essential organs. How many patients never get a chance to wake up because they are killed for their organs? For more on brain death, check out these article in the Les Femmes archive.


  1. I once signed on the back of my driver's license that the doctors could take any of my body parts for transplants. Then I read what the American Life League and others said about brain death and about some unscrupulous doctors in a Latin American coutry, and I never signed such a thing aagain. We can sure be missguidedly compassionate when we are too younger to know better or are not well informed.

  2. Oops! I meant to say "too young" in my last post instead of "too younger". I hope it gave some a lsugh. We all need one at times.