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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebrate Life! Girl without hands wins penmanship competition!

Girl born without hands triumphs at penmanship competition

Some people believe that only those who are "perfect" have lives worth living. That was certainly the attitude behind the T-4 Euthanasia program in Nazi Germany. The little girl in this story would never have made the cut with the "doctors" evaluating the children. That's what happens when government decides it has the power to make decisions over life and death.

We are already in such a culture and it's growing darker. Obama tells us we are REQUIRED to pay for drugs that kill children under the phony name of chemical contraception. Millions of our tax dollars go every year to Murder Inc. aka Planned Parenthood to murder both handicapped children and those who are perfectly healthy. There is nothing "contraceptive" about drugs that kill an already conceived child.

Praise God for little ones like Annie Clark. They give us an example of courage and perseverance and new meaning to the word "perfect." Annie is perfectly beautiful! And God doesn't make mistakes!

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