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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vatican Reins in Renegade Nuns

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) is calling for reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the association of radical nuns who promote dissent in the Church. In a "doctrinal assessment" released today. LCWR is critiqued and found wanting in three areas: addresses at the LCWR Assemblies, their policy of "corporate dissent," and their "radical feminism." Among other things, the assessment found LCWR promoting "positive error" in talks given at their conferences, exacerbated by "silence and inaction of the LCWR in the face of such error."

The two-page mandate for implementing the doctrinal assessment includes the following:
1) "To revise LCWR Statutes to ensure greater clarity about the scope of the mission and responsibilities of this conference of major superiors" subject to approval by the Holy See.
2) "To review LCWR plans and programs, including General Assemblies and publications, to ensure... [they] accord with Church teachings and discipline." Speakers at major programs are henceforth "subject to approval" and certain materials must be revised and reformed.
3) "To create new LCWR programs for member Congregations...that provides (sic) a deepened understanding of the Church's doctrine of the faith."
4) "To review and offer guidance in the application of liturgical norms and texts." For example giving a "place of priority in LCWR events to the Holy Eucharist and Liturgy of the Hours.
5) "To review LCWR links with affiliated organizations, e.g., Network and Resource Center for Religious Life." 
The mandate is for a period of up to five years "as deemed necessary."

All I can say is, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" Donna Steichen summarized all the abuses of the LCWR mentioned in the doctrinal assessment in her book Ungodly Rage published in 1992. It's only taken twenty years for the men in the Church to come to the same conclusions as this godly prophet. In the meantime, think of all the damage done to the people under the influence of these dissenters.

On the other hand, better late than never. So read the full report and rejoice. The coven of witches running the LCWR is being called out. Do you think they'll obey or rally their followers to withdraw to a moonlit grove in the woods to commune with Sophia? After all, many of these women claim that the priesthood is outdated and unnecessary, their function replaced by the community. Of course, that's not what Jesus taught, but what radical feminist nun ever let a little problem like what Jesus taght get in her way? Pray that the nuns change their tune and sing a song of humility and obedience to Peter's successor. If not, sayonara, old babes, we'll pray for your salvation.