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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hilary Rosen and the Dems War on Women

Some things never change. Feminist women have always had nothing but contempt for stay-at-home moms and Hilary Rosen's comment this week about Ann Romney "never working a day in her life" is just more of the same. The only work that matters, the only "real work" to people like Rosen, requires a paycheck. I remember a debate back in the seventies between Karen de Crow, President of NOW (National Organization for Women) and a pro-life woman who was, I believe, a lawyer. When the pro-life woman introduced herself as a wife and mother first, de Crow responded contemptuously, "You're a lawyer first and a slave second." Ah yes, raising children is slavery. Working for a political campaign or for NOW is an honored profession.

Having raised five children myself and being, for a short time, a full time working mom (as a GS-7 to GS-12) for the Navy and a part time working mom off and on to help balance the budget, I can say that raising my children was the hardest and most exhausting job of all - also the most rewarding. I could be replaced in five minutes at my D.C. office; I was irreplaceable at home. Why are teaching school, operating a day care center, being a chef or waitress, managing a budget, being a first aid worker, tutoring, driving a taxi or bus, doing consumer research, etc. all honorable professions, but  doing all those things in your own home is "never working a day" in your life? Get a life, Hilary!

Oh, I forgot, she has one -- being a Democrat strategist, a lesbian activist, and a critic of stay-at-home moms who have "never worked a day" in their lives! If you want to know more about pundit Hilary Rosen go here.

And if you want to see who is really engaged in a war on women, the ones most impacted by the economic downturn, go here. This is personal for me. One of my nieces who is married to a school teacher and has four children, lost her job about a year ago in the economic downturn and then they lost their house! Try telling them how the "hope and change" worked for their family.


  1. Because when Republicans ruined the economy and made filthy rich even richer and poor more vulnerable, it's Obama's fault that your niece lost her job? When your sock gets lost, Obama stole it?

    And about women: Ann Romney had maids, chauffeurs and nannies. She made a choice, yes. But millions of women can't make that choice. But lets all feel sorry for oppressed billionaires.

    Now you can tell your niece that she cabn rejoice being at home after this "choice" and how Ann REomney "feels for her" choice. And that finally she's doing something worthwhile as stay at home homeless mom.

    You are one piece of work.

  2. If this woman wants to be "equal" let's put HER in the trenches in some war, and then see how "equal" she wants to be. These kinds of women do not speak for me, and I, as a woman, have worked both inside and outside my home.

  3. A LESBIAN psycho attacking someone for being a full time mother? How bout Moochelle making 300 K for doing nothing at the University of Chicago???

    Then we have Jay Carney who couldn't live without a script just like Barry can't speak without a teleprompter.

    And I don't consider this lesbian fascist a mother. Her children will turn into lunatics from being raised by a creature like her.
    And were her "children" adopted or created with a turkey baster?

    This proves that the White Hut is scrambling. The internal polling numbers must be abysmal so the game plan is to energize their base by sending our angry hacks like this lesbian viper to attack.

    Energizing minorities was the reason for The Messiah's comment “If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon” and today's blunder was an attempt to garner the female vote. They know that they've got a lock on the sodomites so minorities and women have become their prime targets.

    I expect more of these kinds of attacks before November which hopefully will backfire in their faces. This is actually good news for the GOP as long as they don't blow the momentum by acting “stupidly.” In the end, it will work to bring more people (especially stay at home moms) to Romney.

    This is a great day for the good guys.

  4. Have you even listened to the exchange? She merely pointed out that Ann Romney does not have personal experience of the hard life of a mother who is struggling to make ends meet while working outside the home - which she (AR) obviously does not, as she has always had the option to stay home. I am a SAHM myself and do not claim to have anything to say about my peers who have to juggle the hard job of parenting with the workforce. I think you need a dose of reality. The Dems are the only people remotely concerned with the working poor in our country.

  5. You're funny, Anonymous 2:14. When Bush was messing with the economy (And if you really read this blog, you know I'm no fan of either Bush or the neocons.) it was all Bush's fault and now, after promising us "hope and change" and four years to improve things, Obama whines and complains that it's still Bush's fault. Where's the change? Oh, I remember, Bush left such a mess that it will take the Democrats 100 years to fix it.

    Obama's the one who blames Bush when he can't find his socks in the morning. It's his only political strategy.

    He's been rewarding his rich cronies with all kinds of federal bucks. Planned Parenthood, Solyndra, ACORN, the unions. I can match you obscene profit for obscene profit. Somehow, the left doesn't mind those "obscene profits" when they're going to tax consumers, only when they go to tax generators, i.e., people who create jobs.

  6. I presume you're serious, Nikki, but I don't think class warfare is the way to help the working poor.
    Henry Ford was rich. He paid his employees above the wage at the time so they could afford to buy his autos. Decent jobs and decent wages help the poor, not government regulations that make it impossible for businesses to make a decent profit unless they take jobs offshore.

    Education is one way to help the working poor, but the public schools are a disaster where kids are more likely to learn how to put condoms on bananas and where to get an abortion than the three R's. Not everyone can, like the Obamas, afford to send their kids to Sidwell Friends.

    The Democrats' solution to helping the working poor is to offer them contraception and free abortions as though they don't love their children as much as the rich do.

    I worked at a crisis pregnancy center for eight years. CPCs help with practical assistance and often give classes in budgeting and management.

    We often helped with rent and with finding resources to help people get out of the cycle of poverty.

    The liberal solution, on the other hand, is to kill the babies. And they back it up with multi-millions in tax dollars to the killers like Planned Parenthood. I think, Nikki, you are the one who needs a reality check. Read the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties.

  7. The Dems are the only people remotely concerned with the working poor in our country.

    % living below the poverty level:

    1.  Detroit ,  MI              32.5%
    2.  Buffalo , NY             29.9%
    3. Cincinnati , OH        27.8%
    4  Cleveland , OH        27.0%
    5. Miami , FL                 26.9%
    6. St. Louis , MI            26.8%
    7. El Paso , TX             26.4%
    8. Milwaukee , WI        26.2%
    9. Philadelphia , PA    25.1%
    10. Newark , NJ           24.2%

    What do these top ten cities (pop over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate all have in common...?
    The Ten Poorest US Cities... and Why

    Detroit, MI hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961.

    Buffalo , NY  hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1954.

    Cincinnati , OH  hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1984.

    Cleveland , OH  hasn't elected a Republican mayor  since 1989.

    Miami , FL  has never had a Republican  mayor.

    St. Louis , MO  hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1949.

    El Paso , TX  has never had a Republican mayor.

    Milwaukee , WI  hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1908.

    Philadelphia , PA  hasn'telected a Republican mayor since 1952.

    Newark , NJ  hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1907.

    Einstein once said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different  results. Yet, it is the poor who habitually elect Democrats... while they REMAIN PERPETUALLY POOR!

  8. Cannoli said it all! All this stuff is Democrat talking points. There are folks who spin up the story to make an effect and have no concern whatsoever that the story be true or even coherent.

    Democrats operate to achieve power and control and don't let minor things like truth get in their way.

    What they do demonstrate however is how gullible the American electorate is and how easily gulled. Generally when your lied to you should catch on after a while.

  9. I hope you noticed Romney’s wife saying that “we need to respect choices (wink, wink) that women make.” She wasn’t just talking about good choices like sacrificing to be a stay-at-home mom, she was talking about “choices.” And if you think the unborn are going to be any better protected in a Romney Presidency than they have been these past four years, you better get your head examined. We have to work harder than ever to make sure that the Grand Old Party comes up with a real Republican (not a Massachusetts Republican, aka a Democrat) for candidate or we had might as well give it up for the cause of Life. If the economy is your issue, Romney is your man but if it is the Gospel—we have to keep looking. If the party base—which is solidly pro-life and pro-Jesus—makes it clear that we want somebody else, we can still get somebody who will stand with us but we have to start shouting from the rooftops that we want an end to these culture wars that are killing our babies and letting perverts get married.

  10. Couldn't agree more. The Republican establishment isn't pro-life. They do the minimal to keep pro-lifers on their GOP plantation with the attitude that we have no place else to go.

    I'm not hopeful that Romney will do any better than John McCain. He will certainly not energize the base and many pro-lifers may stay home.

    It may not make a difference since Obama has hired a counting firm for the 2012 vote that puts in question the integrity of the count. Like Stalin said, it doesn't matter who votes, just who counts the vote. Read about it at

  11. According to a new 2011 the US Catholic population is currently 77.7 million out of a total US population of 311 million. Therefore, approximately 25% of the United States is Catholic.

    Yet, the failure of Catholics to influence society, social issues, political candidates and elections is clear.

    The question is “Why”?

    As I see it, the problem is the same for Catholics as it is for Jews and all the other denominations. Simply belonging to a particular religion or church does not mean you practice your faith. Even if you do practice, human will being frail, one's self-interests can easily and often do override one's faith.

    Add to this decades of poor catechesis from a weak, emasculated, effeminate hierarchy and you've got Catholics who vote for and will support pro-abort/pro-sodomy pols as long as that pol will offer a few goodies for the peasants. The result of decades of decay is what we see today in an overall deterioration of societal norms. Throw in a healthy dose of modernists and a Canon lawyer or 2 who take the side and give support to those same weak bishops and you get what we've got...weak, self-absorbed, faithless Catholics

    A solution?

    Strong bishops who will teach the faitl unambiguously and courageously. Period.

    How do you get them?

    The answer to that question is above my pay grade.

  12. If you're not hopeful about fake-artist Romney, then get out and work for an alternative. Go out for Paul, or press Santorum not to cast his electors over to Romney (at least for now).

    Both parties are bad news for the US, and we have a sacred duty to get the best person in the Repub seat, or many may defect to a third party.

    After what Bush did to our economy, for the sake of the globalist "team", the Repubs are going to have to work for my vote. With Santorum ("team" player that he was) out of the race, it's not clear that Paul wouldn't soak up the Catholic votes, as long as he's given a chance.

    I won't be guilted in November for voting for Paul third-party if the Repubs force Obomney on us.

  13. I don't see any good reason to vote for Romney in November. The days of Russell Kirk, Bill Buckley, and Ronald Reagan are gone. The GOP is nothing but intellectual lightweights that can only come up with slogans. I rather have four more years of this and see the country learn through suffering. A wise Republican shall stay home and brace for the real battle. Romney Schromney: his candidacy is an insult to my intelligence

  14. Nikki, I guess you do not know that the left -- and it is now mostly left -- of the Democratic Party are the one's most likely to put in anti-traditional family legislation such as no-fault divorce, marriage penalty taxes (in some states the married are taxed more), welfare standards that discourage men from staying with their families, and it all puts stress on traditional families and discourages them, forcing women to have to raise children alone. How many laws of the Demcrats go after dead beat dads. Also, the Dems encourge sex outside of marriage with all their contributions to Planned Parenthood, and let's face it, men rarely marry women when the sex is "free". Then often the child is killed in abortion because the parents cannot behave, so pleeeease do not blame all the "lack of compassion" on Republicans. Plenty, and I do mean plenty, of Democrats cheat on their wives or never even marry the women who have thier children.

  15. Oh! and then there are the sweet little Democratic women who knowingly cheat with some other Democratic woman's husband. I know more of them then I do Republican women who do it. I have learned to stay away from the former. At least one I know is known throughout my state as a "great" feminist. Ya, right! More than likely, Nikki, the man who left you in the lurch was a Democrat too.