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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey, There's no Problem with Voter Fraud! Hahahahaha....

Now, how much fraud do you think will take place in the 2012 election? With the support and encouragement of the Democratic party? How many times do you think union flunkies will vote? How 'bout Nancy Pelosi? How many illegal immigrants will vote? How many times? Two thumbs up to James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas.  Support Voter I.D. -- limit voter fraud. (I'd like to say eliminate voter fraud, but I think that's probably impossible.)


  1. Republicans always scream voter "fraud" because they want to suppress voters who lean to the left. If you look at sources other than Fox "News" sometimes, you wouldn't be so paranoid. I, however, am paranoid that people are really being fooled by this propaganda.

    And let's not forget this - which is definitely fraud:

  2. There is absolutely no good reason to not show a valid ID to vote.

    This vid was an embarrassing refutation of Holder’s “policy” on the voter I.D. issue. Plus it's a pretty straightforward and useful demonstration of how easy it is to get someone else's ballot. What if the Dems know that certain people are unable to get out to vote? How easy it would be to send goons out to vote in their place?

    Hopefully this video will resonate with the average person and perhaps even make its way to the last remaining brain cells containing logic in the minds of some (obviously not all) liberals.

    O'Keefe is brilliant.

  3. Interesting that you think a hidden video is propaganda. Are you one of the disinformation agents of the Obama-zombie camp? No one would suggest that fraud is entirely one-sided.

    "You too nah,nah,nah-na nah nah" is actually a logical fallacy. Pointing out that someone else engages in fraud doesn't do anything but establish that there is fraud.

    No one is saying that Democrats are the only ones engaged in election fraud, only that they do it as a matter of policy.

    Any fraud is too much. I found it illuminating when the contested Gore/Bush election was being bandied about that the places where all the fraud was alledged were all Democrat majority districts. What was the statistical chance of that? I guess they didn't commit enough fraud so they wanted to count a few more chads.

    Elections should be beyond question. If you can't trust the elections that you have destroyed the very basis of a Democratic Republic.

  4. Nonsense. It is absolutely ridiculous to claim that providing an ID is somehow onerous. As for your links, they don't prove anything. Simply stating that there is no fraud is like saying the world is flat. Prove it! As a contrast here's an article from the Attorney General of Texas talking about 50 cases of people CONVICTED for voter fraud.

    And here's an article on the Indiana Secretary of State being convicted of voter fraud.

    And here's another article:

    And here's an article from Minnesota with over a hundred convictions from one election.

    I could go on.

    Since voter fraud is hard to detect and prove, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. If someone comes in and votes for a dead person, no one will ever know unless they compare the voter registration books against the death records.

    And have you already forgotten the massive ACORN fraud? How many fraudulent registrations never got caught?

    And then there are the problems with the count and rigging the voting machines. As Stalin said, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." But that is an issue for another post.