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Monday, April 2, 2012

Homosexual Group Targets Another Christian Company

T-Shirt Company in the Crosshairs

Gay activists will either force Christians to support their agenda or do everything they can to destroy them. Note in this article that the T-shirt company was set up by the gays who requested a bid without identifying the content. It was clearly a set up of the obviously Christian group that self-identified as Christian and stated their right of refusal to offensive material. Note that the company offered to find the gays an alternative company to print their shirts at the same price in time for their event. Further note the opinion of the human rights rep who said a gay printing company would have the right to refuse work to a Christian group that wanted shirts with the biblical position against homosexuality. The double standard and persecution of Christians grows. Would the T-shirt company be obliged to print shirts that celebrated pornography, adultery, rape or drug use? Gay sex is a sin, and in fact the Bible names it as a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance. Forcing Christians to violate their consciences is a staple of liberalism which has no tolerance whatsoever for any view but its own. There's a great book called Liberalism is a Sin. I recommend it highly.

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