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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pro-Aborts Lie and Lie and Lie

Wow! When I watched this video I almost had to laugh. An ultrasound is a "sexual assault" or "a rape?" What's rape and sexual assault is taking a steel instrument, sticking it up a woman's vagina, turning on a strong vaccuum, and moving the instrument around to suck out her baby. That's assault! With two victims: one dead, one wounded, sometimes both dead. Fortunately the Virginia State Legislature was too smart to listen to their lies! Please follow the instruction at the end of the video and say thank you.


Anita Moore said...

Idaho had an ultrasound bill in the last session of the legislature, but it ended up going nowhere due to a liberal parliamentary maneuver. I wrote to all the state legislators asking them to support it. The answers I got from opponents were interesting. Funny how liberals want me to pay for their contraceptives, etc., but when it comes to giving a woman considering abortion information, suddenly, it's Big Government trampling on people's liberty. What hypocrites.

One datum that came out during the last effort to rally support for the bill was that abortion clinics already do ultrasounds before each abortion, for liability reasons -- the difference being that the mother doesn't see it. I was not the only one hearing this for the first time. This should have been trumpeted from the rooftops throughout the debate.

Anonymous said...

went to the website; can't find the petition. bummer 'cause i sent it on to lots of others.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Here's the link. The petition is divided by Virginia County. If you can sign and get a few friends to join it can have a significant impact in encouraging these legislators in the future.