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Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Racist in Chief: the Great Divider

Can you imagine a Romney video announcing "white Americans for Romney?" And when Obama talks about people paying their "fair share" do you suppose he's addressing the nearly 50% of Americans who don't pay a penny in federal income tax? Look at the tax information and note that the evil one percent pay over 36% of income taxes. The top five percent pay almost sixty percent of income taxes. The top ten percent  pay over 70%. Is that fair?

Obama is not only a racist who pits whites and blacks against each other, but he is the great divider using class envy to rally his supporters and attack anyone who is successful. I'm not a Romney fan because he's a liberal, but to attack him because his family was successful is shameful. Why is it okay for Obama to reach for the stars and succeed, but not okay for other rich folks? As well as being the racist in chief and the great divider, Obama's third title has to be First Hypocrite.

I'll close with a question: When all those taxpayers at the top are destroyed or take their successful businesses out of the country, who is going to fill the gap and pay the 70% of taxes they pay now? Any volunteers?


  1. It is fair for people who make or have more money to pay more taxes. Of course those of us in higher income brackets pay more. What is not fair is to lump everyone making $250,000 or more into the same bracket. While my family is certainly comfortable, we are by no means in the same league as someone with a trust fund of hundreds of millions of dollars. So I do think it is fair to ask that people pay a greater percentage of income that is inherited, invested, etc., and not actual earned income. This concept of generational wealth is very much against the "American Dream" and I (a business owner) am in favor of what the president's tax ideas are trying to accomplish.

  2. They think America is waking up. NO! That is code for America is becoming racist. That is a hard-core fact! They still believe America is a as racist and hateful as them. Maybe it is. I knew America wasn't ready for a Black President and it shows!

    Obama is Pro-Rich, Pro-Biz presidents pretending to be a socialist.
    I don't know who died and told you racists Red Sox fans speaks for All of America instead of random polls.
    Obama is not a traitor or a communist, No president is a traitor that hates America. Not only is that charge vulgar and offensive to American democracy, but it's absurd since wanting America to fail is politically destructive. From every possible angle those claims don't make sense, and only a true idiot would believe them. Clearly you have no idea what a dictatorship is, granted you should. You believe in right-wing fascism.

    Marxist radical? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Name one marxist policy Obama has even proposed let alone passed.

    You need to do some research on rule of law, appropriate justified punishment and Marxism.

    Bushney,s for years for the sake of keep giving tax cuts to the rich, and importance of education and equal opportunities of education for americans is becoming the main agenda, health care reforms of president Obama are actually working and the dang GOP can not repeal those any way, majority of americans know that GOP must deifnately NOT becoming able to destroy America this early at least, and the days of total power to selfishness represented by the dang GOP seems like being over for now!

    Also I'm not sure the majority of the nation is in favor of citizens applying the death penalty for burglary so I don't know that I'm in the minority.
    Anyone who calls Obama a hypocrite is right on the money! He IS a politican, after all! But Great Divider? What have you a-holes done to unite this country. All you've united are racists, bigots, extremists, homophobicsetc. just because a black man became President!

  3. I almost didn't let your comment through because of your name-calling. but your post illustrates so well the irrational and illiterate "argument" of the left, that I passed it through. Your comment also illustrates exactly the point I was making about dividing the country. Listen to your own response. If someone disagrees with you, they must be racist and a**holes. Where is the "civility" leftist leaders say they want?

  4. I have a friend whose father of German extraction was from over here, and her mother was from Latin America. She once told me that everyone is a racist, and if they say they are not, they are liars. I am inclined to agree with her as most people I know, of whatever race, have objected to their sons or daughters marrying too much outside their ethnic group or religion. I would use a gentler term, though, people are, for the most part, ethnocentric. I use to think that it was great when people married those of other races. You know the childish dream that "Love conquers all". But as I got older, and saw so many divorces,I realized the wisdom of some of our father's and mother's objections. They are this, the more two people who marry each other have in common, the less they have to fight about, and it is more likely that the marriage will succeed. In other words, the family will be more stable and healthier. Couples have to have things in common, or they are fighting all the time. Even Obama married another biracial woman as Michelle is of his complection so she certainly is not wholly of black African heritage. Perhaps he learned something from his parents's divorce. So when people call others racist, it is because most likely they are too. It is called in psychologically terms "projection". I no longer even pay attention to the word, it has been thrown around so much. So if someone would call me that, I would reply, "I know you are but what am I?", or better yet, "It takes one to know one." Some of those childhood sayings were quite accurate.

  5. By the way, regarding my last post on racism and interracial marriage, my family on both sides married into many different races, but most of the marriages did not survive, only the ones that had more in common with each other. I live in a state that is very racially mixed.