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Monday, April 9, 2012

Obama the Bully

Obama and his bullying pulpit

Don't miss this great article. To see the list of Obama's acts of hostility toward biblical values go here.

What do you think? Would a real Christian act like this or was Obama's slip of the tongue about "my Muslim faith" the truth?


  1. Of course, he's a Muslim. He's done everything but display his prayer rug on the South Lawn.


  2. If he's a Muslim, he's not a very good one. I don't think most Muslims would attend an Easter service at an Episcopal church or declare over and over again that they are Christian. I'd be more concerned about the Mormon who is about to get the Republican nomination for president.

  3. Obama on his rug in prayer position in the White House? You wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

    Obama is a most attractive, very convincing, highly effective, speaker but a godless charlatan nevertheless. Svengali as messiah: the one we were waiting for, remember? His would be the moment when the rise of the oceans would begin to slow and our planet would begin to heal. Messianic rubbish. A false god of biblical proportions.

  4. Whatever he is, he is not a Christian. His actions clearly indicate that he is not.

    No real Christian will countenance the killing of a baby after it is born even if it is born in the course of a failed abortion.

    He has also shown an amazing sensitivity to Islam and an amazing insensitivity to Christian concerns.

    The only thing you can conclude is that he is a phony.

  5. I don't think he is a phony at all. I think he has always been upfront about what he believes - which is not Catholic, but certainly not Muslim. He subscribes to the same "Christianity" as the 25,000 people who pack our local "Christian Life Center" every weekend, the new form of Christianity that is non-denominational and based more on the authority of the current pastor/speaker than any historical canon or tradition. Like him or not, he has consistently been clear on the subject of his religion, is married to the woman that he started out being married to, and is upfront about the direction he thinks the country should move in. You can take issue with his policies and make every effort to vote him out of office, but these slanders against his character reflect more poorly on you than they do on him. I predict that he will be handily re-elected in November.

  6. Are you serious? What are the slanders? Does a Christian vote to stab a baby in the back of the head in a late term abortion? Does a Christian vote to leave a newborn to die in a bucket because he or she happens to be unwanted by the mother? Does a Christian lie over and over and over again to advance his political agenda. Does a Christian use the money of the people for extravagant vacations while telling the rest of us we need to tighten our belts and stop being greedy?

    I'm glad he's stayed married to the same woman and doesn't beat his children. But he's a-okay with other people killing theirs!

    As for his reelection, if it happens so what? It just proves our morally bankrupt country deserves a man who will physically bankrupt us as well. Let the punishment fit the crime. A country that murders its future is destined for collapse.