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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Does Romney Care about Social Conservatives?

Judging from Romney's appointment of Richard Grenell, out and proud homosexual, to be his adviser on national security and foreign affairs (pun intended), the short answer is, "Hell no!" 

Brian Fischer at Renew America believes Romney has some 'splaining to do and I agree. Here's an excerpt from the article but read the whole thing:
This appointment certainly revives the oft-stated concerns about Gov. Romney from both the right and the left that he has no moral core, and is, as one left-wing columnist said, "a hollow man."
What can the governor do, if he wishes to, to contain the collateral damage from this spectacularly misbegotten decision?
For starters, he can answer one question for the American people: "Gov. Romney, is homosexual behavior healthy or harmful? Yes or no?" 
If he answers "Yes," how can he expect the pro-family community to support him? If he answers "No," then why he is putting someone who engages in such behavior in such a prominent position in his campaign? 
Here's a follow-up question: "If your appointment wasn't about homosexuality, why are so many gay groups celebrating your choice?"
Romney may believe the canard that social conservatives have no place to go and will have to vote for him. But I can think of lots of places I can go on election: the grocery store, the movies, a walk to the dam, the park with my grandchildren, the bathroom to wash my hair. If Romney is going to take the country down the same path as Obama, why vote for him? The issues that matter most are moral issues. And if politicians are wrong on those, they don't deserve a vote. The economy is probably going under in any case and rightly so. A country that sells its soul and murders its children for love of money, pleasure, and power may only come to its senses when everything material is taken away.

Fischer has some suggestions for "commitments" from Romney, but why should anyone trust the man? Whoever said forget the presidency this election cycle and work on the Congress has it right I think. Romney is a disaster! And he just proves it over and over and over again.


  1. This is all to mess up the vote so Obama gets reelected. It's already a done deal in my opinion.

  2. This coming election is incredibly depressing. Our poor country! Dear Jesus - please restore us to your grace, rebuild us in your image, let America fulfill her destiny - the reason you called her into existence, and give us a Godly man to lead us. Our Lady of America, pray for us!

  3. Joe Sobran once called the Republican Party the Party of Stupid. I am inclined to agree. They just keep bringing in the same old, same old. There are a few Republicans in my state doing good things after the
    Democrats distroyed it morally, so I concentrate on the good ones and give only to them. You can bet that the pro-death Republicans and the pro-death Democrats are in cahoots on this.

  4. I don't understand how appointing someone who is gay amounts to snubbing social conservatives. I'm pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, yet I find no problem with this. The man must be qualified, and I would rather Romney appoint qualified folks than unqualified folks. Besides, he is a national security advisor, not an advisor on social issues.

    Last I checked, one also should not be discriminated against because of his sexuality (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2358 "Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided."

  5. Well, let me put it another way, anonymous. Do you think Barack Obama would select Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity for an important campaign post? Are you laughing? Why wouldn't he do that? No one is talking about discriminating because of someone's personal sin, it's because Grenell is a gay activist. He promotes the gay agenda. Would you expect a candidate who claims to be pro-life to name an abortionist as his adviser on health care? The gays are all atwitter over this appointment saying it shows a "new attitude" on Romney's part. Exactly! Which is why social conservatives are getting the message that they are getting the shaft!

  6. I hope no candidate would appoint Hannity or Limbaugh to a campaign post; they may conservative views I agree with, but they are merely talk show/radio hosts and are not qualified.

    As for the example of the abortionist health care advisor, that example does not apply here. The "gay activist" (my research, which may be incomplete, suggests that he is a foreign policy advisor who just happens to be openly gay) is not an advisor on gay issues; rather, he is an advisor on national security/foreign policy issues.

  7. He's the only foreign policy adviser out there? How about Pat Buchanan? Sorry, Romney chose him because he was gay, not in spite of it. It sent a strong message to the gay community and an equally strong message to the pro-life, pro-traditional marriage community.