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Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day is Coming - on Lenin's Birthday!

"Earth Day" is celebrated on April 22nd. I had no idea that the origins of the day are connected to Vladimir Lenin, one of the greatest tyrant-butchers in history. The first earth day was celebrated on his 100th birthday, an event orchestrated by left-wing activists. Read more about the origin of earth day and how Lenin took control of the land by imposing a decree stating that all forests, waters, and minerals were property of the state. Many say that "green is the new red" and certainly the environmental movement illustrates communist policy of controlled chaos and perpetual revolution. Look at the global warming hysteria and see how it's been used to undermine U.S. energy policies and advance liberalism.

Communism didn't disappear with the fall of the Berlin wall. Gorbachev avowed that he will always be a communist. He also said communism needed a new, softer face. That face is environmentalism. Have you heard of Green Cross International? It was founded in the 90s by Gorbachev and has dozens of affiliates all over the world. It partners with other dozens of environmental groups. Ted Turner who wants to eliminate most of the world's population is on its board. Many of the partner groups are environmental extremists who accept all the propaganda on "climate change" and want policies to control people to "safeguard" nature. In a 2009 article in the New York Times, Gorbachev wrote about the importance of governments taking action to save the planet from global warming. Note the fear-mongering, the "emergency." There is no better way to control people than by controlling water, energy, and food production. The environmental movement is impacting all three and using the symbols of religion as icons of manipulation. Environmentalism is the religion of earth worship to rival Christianity. In order to protect the "sacred earth" human populations must be limited to reduce their carbon footprints. Despite the birth dearth in the West (and most other places for that matter), environmentalism is being used to demand birth limitation.

We need to fight back. Which leads me to a few modest proposals (in no particular order) for the celebration of earth day:
#1 (my favorite) - If you're married, have another baby, participate with God in the creation of a new soul worth more than everything else on this planet and in the universe combined;
#2 Picket your local abortion mill with a poster saying Protect the Earth: No more babies in our landfills!
#3 Take your children on a litter walk and explain what it means to be God's good steward of the earth, rather than making the earth a god to be worshiped; 
#4 Say the rosary in thanksgiving for this beautiful planet over which God gave us dominion; 
#5 Pray for the conversion of all those who worship the earth instead of God.
And finally, on earth day and every day of the year, let's all do our best to practice the two great commandments: Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself. If we all do that, we won't have to worry about the earth.


  1. I just looked at the satellite photos of how much humanity has encroached on forests, wetlands, and farms over the last 2 decades and I can't believe any rational person thinks we don't have a problem. I'm not so worried about the supposed debt we are leaving future generations. I'm worried that they won't have a sustainable planet to live on!

  2. Anomymous at 9:28, Christians are called to be good stewards of the earth and always have been called to such. In former times it was called the "Waste not Want Not" philosophy. Nevertheless, one thing that is never mentioned by most "environmentalists" in their mad race to limit people is the pollution of our waterways from the birthcontol pill from the estrogen in our sewage from the urine of women who take those pills, not to mention what it might do to the women themselves(encourage breast cancer, etc.) and any future offspring. Colorado and many other places have deformed fish from such pollution. You can just put in "Estrogen from the birthcontrol pill in the water deforming fish" in your search bar and many non-religious websites will inform you about it. How about going back to the Ten Commandments -- no sex outside of marriage, and if a married couple must space or avoid children for some good reason, use the very up-to-date and effective means of Natural Family Planning? Oh! I know you will tell me it won't work, but neither is the other working very well, except it is killing off women and our fish if that is the way you want to "limit" population. Let us face the facts, what is causing all this is our own lack of self control and discipline, and the birthcontol pill is only making the situation worse.

  3. Wetlands? Oh, God, the good times when it was called what it really is: swamps!!!! Newspeak is spreading like grassfire, that's for sure. Willful ignorance is NOT bliss, by the way!