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Monday, April 23, 2012

California: The Stupid (and Illiterate) State

How California Educators Created an Educational Disaster

California has been dumbing down kids for several generations. The question I have is this: was it a deliberate attempt to reduce the ability of the electorate to make intelligent decisions and fight the left? John Dewey believed the purpose of education was social control and it's a whole lot easier to control people who can't read. At any rate, it seems that more and more California natives will be unqualified to compete for Silicon Valley high tech jobs. And, with people fleeing the state, fast food employers (as well as all other kinds) will need fewer employees.

One bright note: When the big one hits, fewer people will be impacted.

By the way, the dunce cap in the picture isn't for the students, it's for the educrats (starting with John Dewey) who sold them down the river!


  1. You do not have to tell this native Californian all about it. We once had some of the finest schools in the nation and the world, but that is no longer. If you want a sure fire way to ruin public schools, California has it. Many parents are madly trying to get their children out of these schools with immoral teaching and putting them into better private schools or homeschooling them to keep their sanity.

  2. Luckily, my daughters "missed out" on being taught the "New Math" here in California, too. It was a disaster, and at least the "educators" had sense enough to drop it like a hot potato.