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Monday, June 25, 2012

Autism on the Increase - Why?

An Italian court recently awarded a family a $200,000+ settlement in a case of autism caused by the MMR vaccine. The 78% increase in autism over the last five years is alarming. Popular health doctor, Joseph Mercola, attributes it to toxic overload, not just vaccines. Read more here. If you are in the child-bearing years, it's important to research this issue and do whatever you can to minimize the risk of your own children.


  1. I really think that it is the increase in awareness and therefore diagnosis that is the true reason behind the rise in numbers. What used to be called "slow," "different," "retarded," or "special" are not many different diagnoses on the autism spectrum. Even the Amish have begun seeking therapy for their ADHD/autistic children, whereas years ago those kids would just have been cared for at home. I am all for being aware of what we eat, drink, breathe in, bathe in, and so forth, but I think the numbers reflect the inflation of information rather than an actual new onset of cases.

  2. Autism is certainly a less objective diagnosis than cancer. Nevertheless, I'm not convinced that a 78% increase can be explained that easily.

  3. There is some quite good evidence pointing to the use of aborted fetal tissue used in many of these vaccines as the culprit. Interesting, no?