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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No School Bus for These Nuns who Love the Poor so Much!

The nuns have taken to the road in their latest PR move to gain supporters and attack the bad old men at the Vatican who have dared to criticize their dissent. And they are singing the same old song about how much they care about poverty. Yes, they talk a lot about poverty, but, hey, not for them. They are travelling in style:
Their bus — of a type usually reserved for rock stars and their roadies (the driver dropped Dolly Parton’s name) — will also be taking the plain-clothed nuns to congressional offices in each state they pass through.
Want to see what the inside of a rock star tour bus looks like? Go here for a gallery of photos. Is that what the inside of the sisters' bus looks like? They sure didn't borrow a school bus did they, these champions of the poor? And how much is their political tour to attack the Ryan budget costing? Who's paying for it don't you wonder?

The sisters of NETWORK are liberal lobbyists. And this is all about, not the poor, but using the poor to promote Obama's reelection.

There are certainly nuns who are heroic and live to serve the poor and the downtrodden. Don't mistake these privileged women power brokers for them.


  1. rant on, lady, I'm still behind the nuns but if it makes you any happier, i've sent them my CCHD money

  2. Well, it's all the same isn't it? Either give to the community organizers working for the destruction of the Church or to the dissenting, unfaithful nuns.

  3. How do we know that they're "nuns"? They don't look like nuns, or act like nuns, or live like nuns. I think they're just a bunch of poorly dressed old ladies.


  4. If they didn't rant and rave no one would notice they exist at all. They are not living lives of heroic virtue. They're just an other bunch trying to get attention is a media saturated society that is facing moral dissolution.

  5. Where is the bus to save the poor babies destined to die? I don't see these unholy women helping mothers raise their children.

    There are many pure women's orders and most of my friends and family will be supporting them.

    Thes women look like old-fashioned feminists whose time has come!