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Friday, June 15, 2012

Dissenters Thrust the Spear into Jesus' Heart

Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart when we think of how much Jesus was wounded by our sins. When I think of His suffering, I imagine that the worst came from betrayal by those who were his closest friends. Think of the pain to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from those who promise to follow Him, his priests. Instead, some link arms with the world, the flesh, and the devil and thrust the spear into Christ's side saying, "I will not serve." But often they masquerade as faithful sons of the Church.

I recently blogged about one, Fr. James Martin, S.J., for his sickening video promoting the dissenting nuns. Fr. Martin apparently wasn't satisfied with canonizing the unfaithful nuns. He's moved on to supporting a Christian Brother,  Louis DeThomasis, FSC, who is calling for female ordination in direct conflict with Church teaching. Fr. Z wrote about it on his blog. And you can see Fr. Martin's article here. When I think of a good priest like Fr. James Haley thrown out of the priesthood for exposing the homosexual scandals in the rectory and Fr. Martin slyly undercutting the authority of the Church by praising the enemies of Christ, I just shake my head. May God save us from wolves in sheep's clothing.

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  1. Mary Anne: One has to finally wonder about his motives. Truly, I wonder, sometimes—if he hates the Church so much and cannot assent to the faith why does he remain a priest? The Editors, and many people who comment at America Mag/In All Things, are seemingly of the same ilk: they are savage. There are exceptions. Those who are clearly faithful Catholics, as evidenced by their remarks, are maligned, ridiculed and belittled. Their bullying diatribes notwithstanding, intimidation tactics are employed, big time. They eventually give up and go away. People are, for example, constantly warned and told to sign their last name; however, this is not the case for those who clearly hate the Church as indicated by their respective commentary. It is all "welcome aboard" for them. For them, there is no disrepect for the Church that is impermissible.

    I can personally attest to all of the above. Fr. Martin and his confreres are all about protecting the rights of women, as long as said women are about overthrowing the Church that they hate. They are perfectly comfortable silencing readers and banning comments from women who assent to the teachings of the Church. Their aggression knows no end. They are merciless. Check out the anonymous comments section at Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit. It would make the angels weep. They aren't even man enough to sign their name.

    Having been surrounded by kind and gentle Jesuits in my youth, priests who were truly conformed to Christ, it is very, very painful to experience this. I simply can't square the Jesuits I knew in my youth with these men who don't behave with even a modicum of civility, never mind behaving like “priests”. People don't say anything because the lavender mafia will hunt you down if you do. They are afraid. Not me. I am made of stern stuff. Daily Mass and Holy Communion impart supra human strength to witness to the faith. Being Irish has its advantages, as well;

    I truly do pray for them. I pray, in particular, for Fr. Martin.