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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nuns on the Bus Go they Shill for Liberalism

Did you know there are only seven nuns on that huge rock-star bus? What a time they must be having. Think the bar is well stocked? Wonder what videos are in the TV cabinet? Are they cooking in or stopping for dinner? Think they eat at MacDonald's? Ya just gotta laugh at these ladies in their fancy digs protesting the Ryan budget because they say it promotes the privileged. Reminds me of the pharisees with their wide phylacteries and bells sewn into their hems so they draw attention to themselves when they walk.  NETWORK is a liberal lobby group that happens to be run by dissident nuns who have little in common with those who serve the poor. They are more likely to be serving the U.N., Greenpeace, and the Save the Wetlands foundation. Here's a photo montage of the tour:

Ah yes...It's always for the children...except the unborn babies. Reality?
It's about building power and popularity for the lobbyist nuns.
And here here they are in their perms and pearls sending their "I will not serve!"
 message to the Vatican. Can't you tell how much they love poverty? 

Ah yes...Jesus would have supported liberals because he loves
abortion, same-sex marriage, and infanticide!
Sieg Heil to Obama, but never to Rome!

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  1. Mary Anne, you have got it all exactly right.