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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hallmark Goes Political: Trashes the Tea Party!

Some companies are really stupid. I remember when Pampers was supporting Planned Parenthood. (Do they still?) All I could think of is, "Why would a company that makes diapers for babies want fewer of them around?" Maybe they were planning to go into the disposable baby body bag business.

And now there's Hallmark with their stupid graduation card trashing the tea parties. Did any Hallmark executives ever attend a Tea Party event where the vast majority of participants are family folk -- you know, the kind that celebrate big family events with parties and cookouts -- like graduations? How many customers will Hallmark alienate with this card?

Me for starters! I'm going to post this on my Facebook page and ask folks to like my status if they won't be buying Hallmark cards this season. When you consider all the other options out there for greeting cards -- well Hallmark obviously is not "the very best" any more.


  1. You obviously haven't seen the one with Michelle Bachmann and almost the same wording, except it says:
    Hope all your parties are TEA PARTIES
    on the inside.

    So I guess they are hitting BOTH sides of the political spectrum?

  2. Well, I was buying a lot of cards and other things at a local Hallmark store, but now I will be buying my cards and items other places, including orthodox Catholic book stores and even a Traditional Catholic gift shop (probably ran by the Society of Pope Pius X), even though I am not a traditionist. Better them than those pushing every sin in the book. It will also get rid of another card for points that is cluttering my purse, since the Catholic stores do not require such cards to get the sales.

  3. You're right, Anonymous, I haven't seen the Michelle Bachmann card. Do you have a link?