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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Contest for the Least Presidential Candidate

I didn't think anybody could top Bob Dole for the least presidential candidate on the planet with his shilling for the little blue pills and talking about his most private problems. As my kids would say..."Ew!" But Dole never made it to the White House. And if he did I suspect he would have acted more presidential than our celebrity in chief who spends more time fundraising around than country than working in the oval office. Rush Limbaugh labels Obama as Barack Hussein Kardashian and I think that just about pegs Michelle and Barack who have turned the presidency into their own personal reality series:  lotteries for dinner with the first couple, trips all over the world with great photo ops on safari or in glamorous locations. Too bad the girls aren't old enough for a celebrity wedding in the rose garden; they could really make hay with that.

Rush has the dinner lotteries pegged for what they are -- building mailing lists to use for fundraising and voter drives. I'm on the White House e-mail list and get at least a dozen contacts every week. It's a marketing technique and conservatives use the same type of thing with their innumerable "surveys" and "petitions" that end with "please send a donation." But the Obamas are in a class by themselves when it comes to selling themselves. What they're selling is a little harder to tell. We know less about Obama than  about any president in history. He's hidden everything about himself from his transcripts to his medical records. For someone who promised to be "transparent" it's laughable. But his actions speak loud and clear and reveal him to be a socialist who uses class and race warfare to undermine the American dream. He's sold our kids and grandkids down the river with his enthusiasm for killing unborn babies and with the explosion of the national debt which guarantees they'll be wage slaves. We can only pray that enough citizens wake up and take back our government.

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