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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Liberals Spin Walker's Big Win

While liberals at the New York Times try to spin the Walker win favorably for Obama, it just doesn't wash. After an entire year of trashing Scott Walker and bringing in outsiders to knock on doors and call voters, after intimidating legislators and threatening their families, union thugs couldn't even pull off a close election. 

And while the liberals are lamenting all the outside money contributed to Walker's campaign (I was among the small donors.), I didn't see any of them complaining about the union money coming in from NEA affiliates around the country. Nor did they ever complain about teachers dragging their clueless students to the capitol on biased "field trips" to agitate for the unions. 

The most appalling thing about the liberal mindset was demonstrated by death threats on Twitter targeting Scott Walker after the win. 

And then there was the union activism. If the caller in the audio below was telling the truth, the Democrats were busing union folks in for illegal voting which makes Walker's win even more impressive. Note the illegal absentee voting Christ Plant mentions at the end of the clip. The Democrats always scream about dirty tricks from the GOP. In view of their own record that sounds like a joke! Remember ACORN?

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