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Saturday, June 16, 2012

General Mills Goes Gay

General Mills came out of the closet this week at a gay pride event to shill for same-sex marriage. CEO  Ken Peters claims it's necessary to keep their business competitive. Why this statement and why now? Minnesota has an amendment on the ballot in November upholding traditional marriage. In every state that's voted, the electorate chooses real marriage not the faux "let's play house" homosexual alternative.

How can a business that uses cartoon characters to convince families to buy their products for the kids believe that support for sodomite marriage is necessary and good for business? Frankly, I don't think they really do. Like other companies coming out for the gay agenda, there are probably upper level gay executives pushing for this. As for their move being good for business, well, you can be sure that no General Mills products will ever cross my doorstep again even when the house is full of grandkids. No, let the LGBT crowd stuff themselves on Trix, Count Chocula, Lucky Charms, Kix, Wheaties, and Cheerios. I'll miss my Wheat Chex, but will easily adapt to an alternative.  Let's show General Mills that attacking the traditional family is not as good for business as their CEO thinks. And I have a suggestion for a new cereal, Goofballs, with Goofy on the box cover. Disney will probably happily make a deal for the Goofy rights. If not,  General Mills can just use a photo of CEO Ken Peters. And for a list of General Mills other products, go here.

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  1. Talk about spineless politicians.....


  2. I don't know many advances in civil rights that would have passed a popular vote. I say that even if you don't like gay marriage, it is a civil right. Which is not to say that churches can't refuse to marry people (they do this all the time) or that you have to be happy about it, but if two adults want to have a legal contract that says they are going to live together as spouses, then they should be able to do so.

  3. Gay marriage is a "civil right?" How do you figure that? And how did people miss it for thousands of years?

    Define marriage. I suspect there is no definition you can come up with that allows a same sex couple to marry but excludes polygamy, polyandry, incestuous marriages, etc. After all, "the heart wants what the heart wants" even if it's perversion. And once you allow perverted relations (The anus after all is the fake vagina in homosexual "marriage."), what possible rationale can you use to exclude other deviant kinds of arrangements?

  4. Practicing homosexuals get far more anal cancer than heterosexuals do, and that is only the "tip of the iceberg", they get far more cancers of the mouth, too, from the HVP virus, besides all the other STDs and injuries to the body. It is a very nasty habit.

  5. And according to Biblical and Catholic teaching anyone who encourages such types of behavior is contributing to the diseases, injuries (rectal tearing too) and death of the people who practice such behavior. So everyone should think about that because they are going to have to answer to the Good God above some day for their every word.