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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Children of Darkness are Shrewder than the Children of Life

The video below shows how shrewd the opposition is and how much we need to learn their lessons. The game is about power Darcy Burner, a candidate for Congress from Washington State, says, and I agree. She points out that power is built either by force or consent and claims that the right uses force and the left uses consent. That statement is laughable. One of her points of force is police/courts. So who has used that force most effectively? Abortion came about through force of the courts. Legalization of sodomy came about by force from the courts. We will get same sex marriage by force of the courts. And Obamacare is based on both political and economic force. The global warming offensive is using both economic force and political force to destroy the energy industry and the force of a biased media helps promote the left's evil agenda. The left, in fact, primarily uses force to achieve immoral ends.

 Some of what Burner discusses the children of light are doing already. And, in fact, every pro-lifer who watches this video will be amazed by the segment where she talks about how you achieve "moral power " in protests. (It's near the end around 15:45.) The recipe? 1) protesters must be seen as innocent, 2) they must voluntarily put themselves in harm's way, 3) official force must be used against them, 4) the injustice must be widely communicated, and 5) it must shock the conscience.

As I watched her show examples: the civil rights movement, Tiananmen Square, Kent State, and Occupy Seattle, I thought --  the icon for the type of protest she describes is the rescue movement for unborn children. Also, think about the protest at Notre Dame where police were videotaped arresting an 80 year old priest, Fr. Norman Weslin, who has since died. On the moral front, pro-lifers are in the forefront of protest and have been ever since child-killing began eons ago. As for other human rights, Catholics have been fighting for 2000 years.

But we can learn something from our shrewd brothers and sisters working for the dark side, and this video gives some specific suggestions that are brilliant. For example, developing an app where you can check an item at the store and boycott items from businesses that support Planned Parenthood and her suggestions for building networks. We need to get smarter on that front.

I recommend watching this video and taking some of Burner's suggestions to fight for the truth. She urges women who've had abortion to come out of the closet to give choice a face. We're already doing that with the Silent No More campaign and movies like October Baby. But we need to pray to be smarter and to work harder than the children of night. Pray for Darcy Burner's conversion. She talks about the war on women, but the real war on women is abortion. If she wakes up to the truth what a victory for good that would be. We could use her intelligence and energy in the war against unborn women.


  1. I found this woman actually unprincipled. You can replay her whole talk in the language of manipulation of others in an arbitrary way to achieve arbitrary goals. This is not virtue and it is not the primary way we should behave.

    She is talking about creating arbitrary victims to create change by emotionalism. This is not only not virtue but can be employed in arbitrary ways to get your own way through force. She is talking about arbitrary power to grow ones power base.

    I find this fundamentally immoral because it operates primarily through force to achieve arbitrary goals. This doesn't increase goodness in the world it increases subjugation to force, political force, economic force, and physical force.

    What she calls moral power is force applied to achieve an arbitrary agenda. She's a far left ideologue.

  2. What she fails to see, too, is that not all women are going to vote her way, and many women are tired of playing the parts of both women and men. Many of these women who say they are helping women, are the same ones who would have no trouble destroying other women's marriages and families by having affairs with married men. Oh, they like women all right until it does not serve their purpose, then they stab other women in the back. I have seen it happen time and time again. That is one reason why I never get into a discussion with another woman about my sex life with my husband since many women use it against another woman and stab them in the back. Beware of these women quite or most often they are snakes in female clothing. Just look at all the women who loved Hilary Clinton enough to stay away from her husband. Sorry to say that ladies and gentlemen, but it is the truth in many cases. Charity begins at home with your husband. Be his companion not his competitor. Notice this woman does not mention her husband. Does she even have one and why not? Be as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents. Is he one of those feminist pushing males who wants nothing more than to have fun without responsibility? Watch out for these women who are going to "help" you. They might just help you right out of your marriage.